December 24th-30th, Days 358-364

Tuesday, December 24th

Got up early today to head over the mountain to Spokane for Christmas. Snoqualmie Pass was both eerie with the absence of traffic and beautifully snowy.

Wednesday, December 25th

Thursday, December 26th

Two early morning sunrises are coming your way!

The first taken from the car as we drove back over the mountains to Seattle once again.

dec 26 wm

Friday, December 27th

A reward for getting up early was this lovely sky.

Saturday, December 28th

dec 28 wm

And a tasty treat one of my co-workers surprised me with today. Birthday week! Yay!


Sunday, December 29th

dec 29 wm

Monday, December 30th

The very last Macro Monday! We’ve looked at everything from food to bugs to metal to parts of a car. Sometimes I knew exactly what I was going to challenge you all with, but most of the time it was either a late Sunday night or early Monday morning dash to find something I hadn’t done before!

macro monday 1230 wm(I do apologize for it’s blurriness. This particular subject is much too wiggly to get a good crisp shot…)

Though I won’t be working on a 365 project next year (I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day of this one! I almost made it!!) I do hope to keep doing a Macro Monday each week. I got a sweet Macro flash attachment for my camera that I am looking forward to trying out!


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