December 31st, Day 365, The End.

I made it!

365 days of shooting *something* everyday. I can’t say I would want to sell all those photos taken, but a few of them are worthy.

It’s going to be weird getting up tomorrow and not having to find something to photograph. Hmm. Maybe I’ll do it anyway, this isn’t something a person can go cold turkey on!

Happy New Year everybody. Thanks for sticking it out with me.




6 thoughts on “December 31st, Day 365, The End.

    • I’m super happy I successfully completed it (I tried last year and faded mid August). There is a feeling of pride, of accomplishment, even if most of the photos aren’t my best.
      Just know that there will be some days that you will have no interest in getting your camera out. Long days when you just want to crash at the end. A lightbox is a great tool at these times, especially in the winter when it gets dark so much earlier.
      Also, I always had a handful of ideas in the back of my mind that I could go to when I was feeling less than creative (I now have a collection of plastic army men, power ranger figures, and other random trinkets if you’re in need, I could send them on a little journey to your place!).
      I think one of the big things that helped me through was having my Macro Monday project along with the 365. I knew what at least one photo a week was going to be! And it helped to a Facebook page where my friends and others could comment. Always having to come up with a Macro challenge got me thinking about other potential subjects as well.
      Whew! Hope that helps! :)

      • I started a facebook page a while ago and I need to be more productive with it. How do you get the Likes to grow and the people who have liked it to comment? It’s always just my friends/family commenting and the likes aren’t growing. Even when they do grow, It never turns into real business. I also need to make a list for when my creativity is lacking. If you want to send the random trinkets my way to Maine for a little vacation, you’re more than welcome to, and when I’m done I can return them to you. The macro challenge sounds like fun! I’ll also have to check out the light box. It sounds like that will be another adventure all it’s on! Thank you so much for replying and for all the help! I look forward to seeing all of your posts this new year! -Kat

    • Ahh me too! Relief! Thanks for hanging in there with me! I knew I could always count on you to comment and keep me honest with my blog. I probably won’t go anywhere without my camera, I have decided to keep going with the Macro Monday, so I will be forever on the lookout for acceptable subjects, if you think of anything, PLEASE let me know! I have been barely holding my head above water the last few weeks, haha!

      • Hey! There’s an idea. Some underwater shots (but only if your camera allows). It’ll be fun this year without the pressure, but I’ll keep nagging you – at least a little bit – for more pictures.

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