May Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth

You know what this is? You’ll probably never guess. I think it’s in the cucumber family, but it’s not a cucumber…(though probably edible too, I haven’t looked into it.)

It’s a LUFFA  (A.K.A. Loofah) plant!

That’s right, that thing you scrub with in the shower! no, it’s not a sea creature. It’s this plant. Google it if you don’t believe me. And this year, I’m trying to grow them. It’s  tropical plant, so I might end up growing it indoors, and so far, they seem to be happiest in my kitchen window.

may 16 wm

They might not look like much yet, but they’re growing bigger everyday!

And these little darlings are outside the front door of the library where I work.

I dunno what they’re called, do you?

Today is my dad’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!

And although he lives far away and I won’t see him today, I did make his favorite cake in cookie form: German Chocolate! Yum!

This is the first time trying this cake-into-cookie idea, and next time, I want the cookie to be less crunchy and more cake-like.

may 18 wm


4 thoughts on “May Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth

  1. Fortunately for the public radium was initally so incredibly expensive to refine they didnt do foolish things like put it in medicines. Unlrttuneaofy for the Curies it was so valuable they kept it on thier persons to safegaurd it.

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