May Twentieth – Twenty-fifth…or something

Honestly, I don’t know how I did this for a year.

I have tried to take a photo every day this month, National Photography Month (yeah, really, what does that mean anyway?).

But I decided to stop. I tried, and it just wasn’t bringing me the inspiration or motivation I was hoping that it would. In fact, it was just one more thing I had to fit in during the day!

No fun.

Here are the photos I’ve taken the last few days.

And that’s it! I’m calling it. I’ll still be doing Macro Monday (of course), but I’m tired of forcing myself to take photos I’m not especially proud of. Perhaps I will focus more on my baking for a while….


3 thoughts on “May Twentieth – Twenty-fifth…or something

  1. I recognize the @joythebaker bootcamp challenge photo. I wanted to join that challenge too, but I don’t have instagram yet. It’s cool to see someone doing it, and your bread turned out beautifully!

  2. Hi Abra! Your photos are great! I found your blog through the link-up at Click It Up a Notch. My husband and I are in the process of creating a new feature at The Albums to help our members begin and finish a Project 365.

    I was wondering…since you finished a 365 (congratulations, by the way!) what’s one piece of advice you would tell someone about to embark on one?

    Thanks so much!

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