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Hi and Welcome!

I started this blog over two years ago, the first time I attempted a 365 project. I have since successfully completed a 365 (the second time I attempted it), and gone on to..well,  not take photos for a while! Oops!

I am a photographer/baker/reader/hiker/former park ranger now living in Kent, Washington, and working for the library system, which is great fun.

I moved here from Sourthern Oregon, and have enjoyed exploring the Puget Sound area. We’ve been here over two years and we still haven’t seen all that there is see here!

I have been taking photos for about 12 years, beginning in my high school’s darkroom where I learned to process black and white prints.

I find myself shooting a lot of macro; the close-ups of both nature and man-made stuff is what most interests me. If you follow me on Facebook you can make guesses on my the weekly “Macro Monday” photo!

The purpose of this blog was two-fold, to get me to actually take a photo a day, as mentioned above, , and be accountable to SOMEONE for it, and also for me to see if photography might be something I would consider doing for a career.

I also love baking. Pie is my specialty, though I have been trying some different bread doughs and cookie recipes lately. I am blogging and working on a 365 photo project to figure out if I like photography or baking better. Or maybe there is a way to combine the two?

Do you have a recipe you think I should try? PLEASE drop me a line.

UPDATE: Ultimately, I don’t see photography being a lucrative job choice for me. If I had more interest in photographing people it might be, but I think in the end this will prove to be just a hobby that I find to be a relaxing way to spend time alone.



26 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just wanted to leave you a quick note to say I have been enjoying your blog for about a week now. I am not a blog reader, and I have forgotten how I found this one, but I look forward to enjoying more posts with my morning coffee. :) I like to start the day with someone / something positive, fresh, and inspirational. Thanks.

    • Hi Chrystal!
      Welcome to my blog!
      That’s awesome that we’re neighbors! My boyfriend and I have been exploring a bunch, mostly the nature areas – local parks, preserves, etc – he jogs and I take photos!
      Let me know if you know of any sweet spots we should check out!

  2. You’ve probably been there, but if you haven’t explored Whidbey, now is the time for that while our weather is still gorgeous :) Welcome to the area!

    • Hi Elizabeth! Thank you! I actually haven’t been out there yet, though it’s on my list of places I’d like to explore. Maybe I could combine a trip up to see the tulips in Mt Vernon and Whidbey Island!
      (I’m currently looking at your blog, and your photos are really great. If you are ever in need of a second shooter, or just someone to loiter around and get in your way, I would love to apply. I have so much I’d still like to learn, and portraiture is on the top of my list)

      • Aw- thanks! I really appreciate that feedback. You should look at my website- http://www.inlumenphotography.com for a bit of portraiture inspiration : ) I’m novice enough that it might be applicable : ) I live in Bellingham, so if you make up that way sometime, maybe we could loaf around : ) The weather is becoming lovely!

        • I would love to! I have a friend going to school up there, and I plan to make my way up there at some point in the next few months, maybe we can get together! I’ve heard there are some local places perfect for crazy photographers. ;) I am really enjoying looking at your website, out of curiosity, is it wordpress? I like the layout, everything is so accessible.

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by, and commenting.Yup, I’m still on the poor side of things, so those extension tubes were the way to go. Someday I will invest in a macro, but for now these guys are great. :)

  3. Become a pie photographer…..post a shot of a blueberry Pie and I’d probably eat it. I’m kidding. Thanks for the look at my place.. I like your breezy style. Great Shot of you. Cheers!

    • 1-3-2010 gracias a todos por sus saludos.. recien me reincorporo a la cic0&izaviónl#823i; feliz año a todos los rock warrior..y a los 3 pelantes que nos odian pero que igual nos leen tambien!

  4. Hi Abra!!! I found your blog through the NickExposed gallery… & I am glad I did!! Love that you are exploring the possibility of making photography your full-time “job”!! I wish I had the opportunity to do that!! (although, like you, I also still need tons & tons of practise & exposure!!) I am a structural engineer living in South Africa – & if all goes well, moving to Alberta, Canada at the end of this year!! Looking forward to seeing more of your photography – I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot from you!!

    • Hi Xandré! Welcome! First of all, I gotta say that I love your name! Does it have a special meaning? (I tried googling “baby names Xandré” but mostly all that came back were various links to YOUR blog!:D ) And secondly, thanks for the encouragement! I vacillate wildly between deciding to try and make photography a career and just keeping it a hobby. I’m not sure my type of photography is the type one could live on, but we shall see. I too need loads of practice! When you move to Alberta, we’ll be sort-of-almost neighbors! I’d love to get together and shoot with you!

      • Thank you Abra!! You’ve got a pretty interesting name yourself!! My name is from Alexandra (which is not my full name, that’s just Xandré!! ;) ) – So it means ‘defender of men’… So, are you born on a Tuesday?? Or a father of many?? ;) I have the same dilemma with the photography.. oh well!! One can always try – & I admire you that you are!! :) Would LOVE to get together and have a few photography sessions!! That would be great fun!! :) Keep well Abra!! :) **

  5. Dear Abra – Thank you for joining my blog. You have a difficult challenge in choosing between baking and photography! How about becoming a professional photographer of foods, esp baked good?

    Sometimes I have to take some time off from blogging due to health reasons, but know that I appreciate your interest and always return.


  6. Dear Abra: Thank you for joining my blog. You have a difficult choice to make – how about becoming a professional food/baked goods photographyer? I enjoy your comments and your posts, as well. Sometimes I have to take some time off from blogging due to health reasons, but know that I appreciate your interest and always return.


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