December 31st, Day 365, The End.

I made it!

365 days of shooting *something* everyday. I can’t say I would want to sell all those photos taken, but a few of them are worthy.

It’s going to be weird getting up tomorrow and not having to find something to photograph. Hmm. Maybe I’ll do it anyway, this isn’t something a person can go cold turkey on!

Happy New Year everybody. Thanks for sticking it out with me.




December 17th-23rd, Days 351-357

Tuesday, December 17th

I made delicious soup tonight. I *may* have made a teensy bit too much, and will be taking it for lunch until Christmas.

dec 17 wm*I also cropped this photo to keep you from seeing too much of my terribly messy counter/stove top.

Wednesday, December 18th

Seriously a beautiful day today.

dec 18 wm

Thursday, December 19th

dec 19 wm

Friday, December 20th

A fun snowy morning today. Saw two Bald Eagles swooping down on the lake for breakfast.

Saturday, December 21st

I know you’ve already seen my gingerbread house, but I gave it a new roof.

dec 21 wm

Sunday, December 22nd

A bonus Macro today that I made especially for a friend’s birthday.

doms bday both

Monday, December 23rd

And today’s Macro Monday Challenge. I’ll post the answer later tonight.

macro monday 1223 wm(Though it is already a bit of a gimmie!)

December 3rd-9th, Days 337-343

Tuesday, December 3rd

Ninjabread Men!!

dec 3 wm

Wednesday, December 4th

Not much to offer you for today, just a little sunset on the way into work this evening.

nov 4 wm


Thursday, December 5th

Of course, my favorite day of photos this week.

Friday, December 6th

A little quiet library time before starting work

Saturday, December 7th

nov 7 wm

Sunday, December 8th

Got to visit with a couple friends when we were over in Spokane this weekend! (yes, I am in this photo, but I promise I took others today!)

nov 8 sm

Monday, December 9th

macro monday 1209 both

November 26th-December 2nd, Days 330-336

As can be expected during the final week of November, in the USA, the following photos mainly consist of FOOD.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Tuesday, November 26th

I got to cook my Romanesco Broccoli today. Unfortunately as I sat down to my snack I noticed lots and lots of little black boiled bug carcasses in amongst the swirls. Ah well. It looked pretty, anyway.

nov 26 wm

Wednesday, November 27th

Yup. I made cookies today. Are we surprised?

nov 27 wm

Thursday, November 28th

Happy Thanksgiving! We had homemade cranberry sauce. So easy!

nov 27 wm

Surprisingly, I also went outside for a bit (though not for long! It’s COLD over in Spokane!), and found these very photogenic grasses.

Friday, November 29th

I made mini Apple pies tonight. In Mason Jar lids. I learned the idea from this blog: Dessert for Two

nov 29 wm

Saturday, November 30th

I made a giant cookie to send to my nephew. He’s turning 3. :)

Sunday, December 1st

Tomorrow’s Macro Monday shot, taken today.

macro monday 1202 both

Monday, December 2nd

What do you get when you have a cookie snack while wrapping Christmas gifts?

dec 2 wmWell, what you get is a mess, actually.

November 19th-25th, Days 323-329

Tuesday, November 19th

nov 19 wm

Wednesday, November 20th

nov 20 wm

Thursday, November 21st

Chilly walk with the dog this morning. 27 degrees!!

nov 21 wm

Friday, November 22nd

nov 22 wm

Saturday, November 23rd

With my chances of finding the perfect mushroom fading quickly, I’ve decided to start looking with another focus, abstract.

nov 23 wmSunday, November 24th

Label found on can of Mountain Dew (it’s my favorite, I’m allowed to make fun)

nov 24 wm

Monday, November 25th

macro monday 1125 both wm