January 28th, Day 28: Simplicity and the barn

simplicity wm

I have photographed these ferns in varying stages of life, so why not in death as well?


There is a lovely red barn not too far from our apartment, and I have been meaning to stop and take its photo ever since I first saw it, back in the fall. It looked perfect with the changing trees in the background. Did I take the photo then? no, no, I did not.

Behind the barn there is a large -unnaturally white- apartment complex, which isn’t even visible during the spring and summer months when the trees are in full leaf.

Unfortunately, this time of year it is a VERY visible reminder that we are not in fact in the country, but in the middle of town. And so I wait.

jan 28 wmI was lucky enough to find this angle, in which the apartments behind are out of the frame! I’ve said this before, but I really need to get my act together on photographing things when I see them instead of putting it off! :)


Sept 22, photo of the day: Fall is falling

I love fall, how it looks, how it smells, everything. I saw the first changing leaves a few weeks ago, but now they are everywhere, and I can shuffle through the crunchy leaves as I walk around. It’s perfect.

Aaannd, this is the autumnal equinox, it seemed appropriate to celebrate.

July 7th, photo of the day: Mysterious May Creek Park

I went looking for a park noted as May Creek Park on Google maps.

What I found was a beautiful little road, hidden in the middle of town, but a world of its own. I didn’t want to leave.


Reaching up

See? My newest friend likes me :)

May Creek

The forest for the trees

I looked it up again online when I got home, and it doesn’t seem to have a parking area or specific access/entry point like I was expecting to find. I guess I found the park, but who knows. Maybe if I went back the road I drove down wouldn’t even be there anymore. :)


May 26th, photo of the day: A Few More From Rizal’s Point of View

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! Well, anyway, it’s beautiful here in Western Washington!

I’m sitting here at my desk listening to the sounds of the neighborhood – children yelling, adults greeting each other, and dogs barking. We live right next to the “Residence Center” which houses one of the complex’s pools.

I went up to Rizal Park in Seattle last night to get some long exposure shots, and I wanted to share a few more with you.

So here we go!

We weren’t the only ones out there

Vertical view

The beautiful sunset

If Seattle suffered a nuclear meltdown, it might look something like this

I think this is my favorite

my favorite, subjected to a little pse changes.

May 25th, photo of the day: Long Exposure

Isaac and I just got home (10:30) from Rizal Park in Seattle.

Rizal Park is perfectly situated up on a hill overlooking the convergence of I-5 and I-90 with the Seattle skyscrapers behind.

I’ve been wanting to get up there to take the quintessential Seattle shot since I first heard of it, and today I finally did! I am working on two different challenges this week that have to do with long exposure times, which is why I was motivated to go this week in the first place, but I had to share one with you today anyway!

We arrived just as the sun was setting over the Olympic Mountain Range, making them look like they were on fire. (Which of course I took loads of photos of. Those to come tomorrow) Then we walked into the park a bit further to find the best shot to capture the city lights.

This is the last photo of the night, taken at f/13, for 30 seconds.

I’ll post more tomorrow, but tonight I’m going to bed! ;)

TED talks

Good Evening! (I can’t help thinking that in a Dracula voice.)

My dad found this site, TED.com, somehow, and recently he told me about it.

“TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.”

To be honest, I didn’t check it out until he sent me a link off of the site at the beginning of this month.

This video is amazing, it’s called “the beauty of pollination” check it out for yourselves!

One from the archives, taken back in October on the drive back from my cousin's wedding in Vegas!

And then head over to Ted.com to see what else they have to offer!