August 18th, Day 230: Bees on the Purple Basil

In the corner of a neighboring garden plot the purple basil is taking over.

It doesn’t seem like the plot owner has picked any of it, and it has begun to flower, which attracts the bees, and, of course, me.


August 11th, Day 223: Fun with Pollen

You know how when a dog rolls around in something and he gets covered in whatever dirt/grass/mud/dead animal he was rolling in?

This bee reminded me of that.

He was so focused on getting the pollen from this one particular sunflower I had time to walk to my camera bag 20 feet away, change lenses, and get back without him going anywhere else.

And I’m so glad he didn’t, he looked great covered in bright yellow pollen!

And lucky I took my Zyrtec this morning too! :)

July 10th, Day 191: I’ll Quote You on That

These fuzzy purple blossoms have been popping up in other people’s beds out at the farm lately. I know they have been planted intentionally, but I don’t know what they are. I sat down to photograph them, and was lucky enough to have the company of a few bees who had also noticed the opening blooms.

I took this photo, and after editing it, I decided that it should include a quote.

july 10 wm

I’ve been looking, searching a number of different topics, websites, and ideas, but so far, each of the quotes I’ve tried just haven’t been the right fit.

Do you have any suggestions?

May 15th, photo of the day: Bee’s Knees

I was a member of the bee paparazzi today.

I think it was also the first time that I’ve legitimately tried to photograph a flying bee, and I see that I have room to improve. Those little buggers just move so fast! I kept telling myself to just sit down and catch whoever flies by, but I couldn’t do it.

So to anyone who may have seen me at the park today, I apologize. I probably looked like a crazy person, flitting around from flower to flower following the bee activity.

The little pollen sacks on their legs are so big, and so orange! Craziness.

So, what did I learn today? Next time I try this, I’ll being my tripod along. I think that would help with the movement factor, even just a little.  And I might also take my own advice and actually try to sit still for 20 seconds, to have a plan, instead of just haphazardly photographing anything and everything that enters my frame.

This is what I was originally photographing when I got distracted by the bees in the first place…

Have you ever found yourself recklessly chasing something down in the name of art?