May Seventh

Well, as it goes, as soon as I decide on a thing like taking photos of rain and such what does the weather do but give us sunshine and dry pavements! :D Ah well, I suppose I can deal with it.

Toby was kind enough to stand still for 30 seconds in this random field of blue flowers while I got off a few photos.


August 25th, Day 237: Clouds

There was some interesting cloud action going on today. Of course I didn’t have my “real” camera with me at all today (yes, I’m dumb), and don’t yet possess one of the better camera phones on the market.

Still, I had to at least try to capture the\is coolness in the sky.

aug 25 wm

And I’m pretty impressed with how well this photo from my $20 camera turned out. Thanks Kyocera!

May 23rd, Day 143: Blue

I’ve been a part of a photography group in which each month we focus on photographing a particular color.

May is blue, and I have so far failed to photograph anything to fulfill this challenge.

I did get a couple of old blue glass bottles at a garage sale a couple weeks ago, so today I finally got out my light box to play around with them.

Here are my results.

may 23 1 wm

may 23 2 wm

may 23 3 wm

may 23 4 wm

may 23 5 wm

April 29th, Day 119: Penrose State Park

I had so many from today it seemed to make more sense to put it in gallery form. Just click on any of the following and it will pull up the larger size for your viewing pleasure.

April 11th, Day 101: Waiting for a sunny day

This morning was overcast and a bit drizzly when the Tob-ster and I went out for a walk.

Down by the shore sits two racks filled with varying types of water vessels; from streamlined kayaks, to family-sized canoes, and to a one-person sailboat, all of which seem to be waiting for the summer to start so they can get out on the water.

Isaac and I have yet to put our recently acquired canoe in the water, though we’ve talked about it a couple times! The next warm day we have off we’re sure to head down there with the paddles!

april 11 wm

As we headed back home the sun did peek out a time or two and I was able to catch it.

april 11 2 wm

We also found a random goose egg out on the docks….silly geese, don’t they know not to leave their kids lying around unprotected??

april 10 2 wm