Photo of the day, March 20th: Black River Riparian Forest

Today’s challenge prompt from capture your 365 is “in the great outdoors.”

I originally thought I would do the exact opposite, since nearly every one of my posts have involved “the great outdoors!”

But, in the end, I went back outside. This time to the Black River Riparian Forest and Watershed, here in Renton.

It’s a pretty little river surrounded by heavy foliage and tall trees, with a short trail along side it.

As a bonus, we met a man named Bob who was out doing some bird watching with his wife and a friend. He was so happy to talk with us and give us suggestions on what to check out. He told us (and pointed out their old nests) about a large population of Herons that used to nest there – approximately 130 birds- before a bald eagle came in a couple of years ago and killed and ate all their young.

Pretty Flowers

The other challenge prompt, from fat mum slim, is “before and after.”

Which of these do you like better? (The color one is different from the above photo, which is the original.)

Before and After

I took a few more today, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to post them. Have a good night!


I was looking for Brick Tamland…


Today’s challenge was “a brick or two” and of course the first Brick I thought of was this guy:

But seriously…I found a building with interesting different colored bricks, so that will have to do. ;)

I like the leading lines of this one

And I like the colors in this one.

And one with a snazzy angle.

March 18: Chewie and I go for a stroll

Today’s challenge from Capture your 365 is “A mini figure.”

So, while Isaac ran around the Redmond Watershed Preserve today, Chewbacca and I took a walk.

Chewie strolls through the clovers

While he wasn’t much of a conversationalist, it was still a fun walk in the rain! :D

March 9th: leading lines

Today’s photo was taken at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (aka Ballard Locks) in Seattle!

It was fun watching the boats coming and going through the gates.

I’m standing on the gate in this shot, waiting to get yelled at by one of the employees… (that didn’t happen until later, actually).

Ballard Locks(

(Oh, today’s challenge prompt was “leading lines,” from capture your 365!)


Look into my eyes, you are getting very sleepy…

“You are experiencing a craving for homegrown tomatoes and green beans”

…or at least that’s what it felt like the pots were saying to me in their soothing, sun-soaked way from our deck. I looked out the back door and saw them sitting there, calling to me, begging to be planted.I want to plant them. I WILL plant them. Seattle snow cannot defeat me.

Today’s challenge prompts are “from three angles” and “something you wore”

I give you, from three angles:

My empty pot collection

and, here, I offer you, something I wore.

The laundromat

I took a number of photos while we were waiting for our clothes, but the lighting was weird; the sun was shining brightly in through the windows, the overhead florescent were bearing down from above, I wasn’t impressed with most of the photos. I’ll have to go back another day and try again to creepily photograph people’s clothing getting washed. ha ha.


In other news, I now possess all the necessary parts to construct a light-box! Stay tuned to find out how that goes for me!




What’s harder than getting a shy child to smile for the camera?

Try getting a grown man to smile naturally for the camera!

Today’s challenge is ‘smile’ and I knew I was in for a challenge when I saw it.

I knew Isaac was going to be my subject, whether he liked it or not, and I knew that he doesn’t like forced smiling for photos.

Don’t get me wrong, he smiles a lot, I was just going to have to catch him off guard if I wanted to get a real smile out of him.

We stopped at Gary Grant Soos Park. They have one of those fun round-a-bout/spinny things (what are those called?!) and Isaac hopped on.I offer you three of the photos I took of this.

Isaac on the whirly-gig thing. I'm sad to say he was spinning too fast for me to get clear photos of his face. I wanted him to keep going, but he was getting sick (so we'll be going back again soon :D...). Next time, I'll take a video too.

He took time to recover…

Isaac recovering from the whirly-gig

Then we tried again to take photos…

Attempt one


Attempt two

Attempt three

And we went home, where I made some fun smiley cutouts.

Isn’t he a good sport?