July 16th, Day 197: Just …erm hanging out at the farm

This swing-shaped pepper inspired another Chewbacca session today.

Plus these pale pink blossoms were begging for a vintage overlay.


They’re called “Indian Plum”

I’m so excited!

For those of you who follow this little blog, I have been taking a lot of photos recently of a certain budding plant, that, until today, I didn’t know the name of.

Well kids, today I found out it’s an “Indian Plum.”  Thank you Redmond Watershed Interpretative Displays! I’m looking forward to seeing them with fruit (and tasting it?)

Here are some Indian Plum photos, and a few others (including some more Chewie…):

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March 18: Chewie and I go for a stroll

Today’s challenge from Capture your 365 is “A mini figure.”

So, while Isaac ran around the Redmond Watershed Preserve today, Chewbacca and I took a walk.

Chewie strolls through the clovers

While he wasn’t much of a conversationalist, it was still a fun walk in the rain! :D