May 22nd, Day 142: Bright Greens and an Almost Full Moon

All this rain we’ve been having lately has made everything around here a brand new shade of bright green.

I had to get my wide angle out this afternoon.

may 22 green 2 wm

may 22 green wm

And by the time I got home the clouds had mostly cleared, letting the moon shine brightly through.

may 22 moon wm

I couldn’t decide if I liked it better in color or black and white. What do you think?

may 22 moon bw wm


May 11th, Day 131: Garage Sale Finds

I stopped by an estate sale on my way home from work the other day and found (thanks to the 40+ years hoarding habit of the owner) a handful of colorful glass bottles and two older cameras. One of the cameras, an argus argoflex is seriously rusty and probably won’t be taking any more photos in its lifetime. The other, a Kodak pocket Instamatic 10 still had film in it, with about 4 photos left on the roll. I want to find a place that will develop it, who knows how long that film has been in there! I’m so curious.

may 11 wm

(this is the same camera, not to be confused by my mention of two different cameras above)

The bottles, though not likely worth money, vary in size, color, shape, and age. Some still have bits of the labels still attached, and one still has a dark colored liquid in it! :o I’m not going to open it to find out whats in there though!

I think they’ll be fun for some still-life photography, as well as to practice my lighting techniques on.

may 11 2 wm

The light coming through the window was looking very nice

August 6th, photo of the day: more oil and water

I’m finally going through some of my older photos, and I came across some from the oil and water experimental day.

I posted one photo awhile ago, you can see it here: June 7th.

And here is another one I took a fancy to today.

Isn’t it fun how your own photos can start to look new again if you wait long enough to forget what you had? haha maybe it’s just me…