May Sixteenth

Ahh National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was yesterday, and we celebrated by baking and eating cookies!


may 15 1


may 15 2 wm

Well, this would be a more accurate after:

may 15 3



November 26th-December 2nd, Days 330-336

As can be expected during the final week of November, in the USA, the following photos mainly consist of FOOD.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Tuesday, November 26th

I got to cook my Romanesco Broccoli today. Unfortunately as I sat down to my snack I noticed lots and lots of little black boiled bug carcasses in amongst the swirls. Ah well. It looked pretty, anyway.

nov 26 wm

Wednesday, November 27th

Yup. I made cookies today. Are we surprised?

nov 27 wm

Thursday, November 28th

Happy Thanksgiving! We had homemade cranberry sauce. So easy!

nov 27 wm

Surprisingly, I also went outside for a bit (though not for long! It’s COLD over in Spokane!), and found these very photogenic grasses.

Friday, November 29th

I made mini Apple pies tonight. In Mason Jar lids. I learned the idea from this blog: Dessert for Two

nov 29 wm

Saturday, November 30th

I made a giant cookie to send to my nephew. He’s turning 3. :)

Sunday, December 1st

Tomorrow’s Macro Monday shot, taken today.

macro monday 1202 both

Monday, December 2nd

What do you get when you have a cookie snack while wrapping Christmas gifts?

dec 2 wmWell, what you get is a mess, actually.

Alphabe-Thursday: C is for Copious Amounts of Cookies

C is for Copious amounts of Cookies because two of my friends’ birthday’s are coming up, so I mixed together a couple batches of cookies to send them. If you know who these friends are, SHHHH don’t tell! ;)

Linking up with Alphabe-Thursday!

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These are your classic crinkle cookies, I can’t remember where I found my recipe, but it’s similar to this one (though, this isn’t quite the recipe I use, it should be fine. I might post my recipe later, if I feel like it.)

“Healthy” Chocolate Chip Cookies

I got the recipe for these “healthy” chocolate chip cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie, it’s her Best Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, and you can find it HERE. I substituted water for milk and cashews for the mac nuts (didn’t feel like going back to the store).


Cookie Parade

Jenny Matlock

Warning: It’s a gateway cookie!

Good Evening!

As I was wandering around Pinterest the other day I came across a recipe for Lemon Crinkle Cookies.

Check out the Lemon Crinkle recipe here, at (No, really, go check it out. She’s won awards.)

Now, I made Chocolate Crinkle Cookies over Christmas, and they were a hit. So, this version caught my eye.

I made it this afternoon, and I’m hooked. It’s basically the same cookie as the chocolate one (with the obvious differences) but this one seems so much healthier because it’s so light and lemony.

That’s why I’ve dubbed it the ‘gateway cookie’ you eat a few of these, thinking you’re still doing okay, but then you remember what’s actually all in them and BAM! You might as well dig into those Chocolate Raspberry truffles and Chocolate Chips cookie dough balls you made yesterday. Not to say that you shouldn’t eat a few of these, because if you eat one, you will want more.

I think next time I make them I will experiment a bit with the ingredients, for example substitute yogurt for the butter? We’ll see.

If you like lemon, or cookies, or anything delicious, you need to try these. Do it.

Lemon Crinkle Cookie