September 10th, Day 253: Sunset

Happy Birthday to the BESTEST mom in the world!


June 27th, Day 178: Raindrops are falling on my head…

As soon as I stepped out of my car this morning at the farm, I knew what I would be sharing with you today.

It has been raining on and off over the last few days, and it clearly rained overnight, because everything was drenched! All the flowers, both here and in my garden at home have that “drowned rat” look to them.

I noticed a few plants who didn’t soak in the water like most, but rather caused the water to bead and collect on their leafy surfaces.

Only three days left of the Blogathon! Whew! So close now!

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June 24th, Day 175: A Scarecrow for the Farm

Last year, I had a little “Garden Guardian” made by my mom, out of an old kitchen strainer and whatever else she could find.

Unfortunately, the type of glue she used was not waterproof, and so the little guy was losing pieces when it rained. I took him back to my mom, and asked her to repair him, possibly using a more outdoor durable type of glue.

I bugged her, and nagged, and annoyed her over the last few months to get him back to me (my garden needed its guardian!!) and finally, when my dad came up for a visit this weekend, he brought my mom’s newest creation.

She’s not the 1 foot tall kitchen strainer I was expecting. No, she’s about as tall as I am!

june 24 3 wm

We set her up out at the farm on Friday, where she is currently over seeing the pumpkin patch, and beyond.