March 31st, photo of the day: a small word in color

I haven’t done any photography today, because I’ve been switching over my portfolio page from to a wordpress site.

I’m switching for convenience; it seems a little silly to have two separate places to go for my photos, but also because weebly has a smaller maximum upload size, and it gets annoying having to reduce photos down every day.

Followers and visitors of this blog have likely seen all the photos on my portfolio page already, but if you want to take a look you can find my page HERE.

And now back to the light box!

My mom gave this to me, years ago, after I went to Thailand. A local man makes them in all different languages, and they all say the same thing, peace.

Thai peace.

It’s not the best photo, or the coolest. Just simple peace. ;)



March 30th, photo of the day: Toy

One of my photos was chosen as Color Inc.’s photo of the day today! You can see it on their blog here, or on their Facebook page.

To celebrate,  I’ve decided to offer a coupon code for free shipping on EVERYTHING in my Etsy shop, to everyone who visits my WordPress blog! So, if you’re interested in purchasing some notecards, I have both photograph notecards and hand drawn design notecards. I hope to add different hand drawn styles, as well as more photography soon. Use the coupon code WORDPRESS to receive the discount!

I have two photo entries for today, both follow the theme of “toy”:

My sister made this guy without a pattern, isn't she talented?

My toy. I take it everywhere with me.


March 27th, photo of the day: Golden


Today was my Humane Society day, and though I said I wasn’t going to post the cat photos I take each week, this cat fit my fat mum slim photo prompt perfectly.

Her name is Kat, and she’s crazy. She’s all black, with intense golden eyes.

Crazy Kat.

Her eyes don't really need the Photoshop help to stand out, but here it is anyway.

I was photographing Kat’s bunkmate, Aimee, when I looked over and saw this:

Anyone need an attack cat?

*Post Script: March 30th, 2012. Kat’s profile is no longer on the Seattle Humane Society website, and this means that a home has been found for her!*

Photo of the Day, March 24th: An Animal

With 6 minutes before the day is officially over, I give you my photo of the day.

fat mum slim asked for “an animal” (though we planned this zoo adventure before I realized this fact.)

Today’s coincidence is brought to you by Seattle’s Woodland Zoo.

So many animals -so many animals I hadn’t even heard of! We saw nearly everything, I think, but because it worked out to be only a dollar for me to get the annual pass to the zoo, I’ll be sure to go back.

This guy was my favorite, he just seemed so human. He moved as if a human were in an orangutan suit, swinging from the branches, building a fort, taking food from the zoo keepers. These animals are so amazing.

Fascinating creatures

Again, I took plenty of photos today, I will post a few more over the next few days.

Photo of the Day, March 22nd: Kitchen Sink

At first I was looking for interesting splash patterns, but I caught one drop just as it hit the sink bottom, and I realized I had something much more interesting here!

This is entry for photo friday: fleeting

My favorite

I added some contrast to this photo in Photoshop, and converted it to black and white. I like the grittiness of it.

Here are a couple others:

I wish this was a little crisper

one of those pattern photos I was telling you about

Maybe too much grittiness?