December 31st, Day 365, The End.

I made it!

365 days of shooting *something* everyday. I can’t say I would want to sell all those photos taken, but a few of them are worthy.

It’s going to be weird getting up tomorrow and not having to find something to photograph. Hmm. Maybe I’ll do it anyway, this isn’t something a person can go cold turkey on!

Happy New Year everybody. Thanks for sticking it out with me.




July 10th, Day 191: I’ll Quote You on That

These fuzzy purple blossoms have been popping up in other people’s beds out at the farm lately. I know they have been planted intentionally, but I don’t know what they are. I sat down to photograph them, and was lucky enough to have the company of a few bees who had also noticed the opening blooms.

I took this photo, and after editing it, I decided that it should include a quote.

july 10 wm

I’ve been looking, searching a number of different topics, websites, and ideas, but so far, each of the quotes I’ve tried just haven’t been the right fit.

Do you have any suggestions?

March 19th, Day 78: More Ranunculus

I stuck my Ranunculus in my light box the other day, the results of which you can see here.

As their blooms gets bigger and broader, I can’t help but take more photos. This is my first year of having some of these plants around the house, and I love them!

march 19 3 wm

march 19 2 wm

Aaaand something else. not quite sure what this one is called, or how it will look fully bloomed, but I’m looking forward to find out!

march 19 wm