November 26th-December 2nd, Days 330-336

As can be expected during the final week of November, in the USA, the following photos mainly consist of FOOD.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Tuesday, November 26th

I got to cook my Romanesco Broccoli today. Unfortunately as I sat down to my snack I noticed lots and lots of little black boiled bug carcasses in amongst the swirls. Ah well. It looked pretty, anyway.

nov 26 wm

Wednesday, November 27th

Yup. I made cookies today. Are we surprised?

nov 27 wm

Thursday, November 28th

Happy Thanksgiving! We had homemade cranberry sauce. So easy!

nov 27 wm

Surprisingly, I also went outside for a bit (though not for long! It’s COLD over in Spokane!), and found these very photogenic grasses.

Friday, November 29th

I made mini Apple pies tonight. In Mason Jar lids. I learned the idea from this blog: Dessert for Two

nov 29 wm

Saturday, November 30th

I made a giant cookie to send to my nephew. He’s turning 3. :)

Sunday, December 1st

Tomorrow’s Macro Monday shot, taken today.

macro monday 1202 both

Monday, December 2nd

What do you get when you have a cookie snack while wrapping Christmas gifts?

dec 2 wmWell, what you get is a mess, actually.

July 27th, Day 208: Gardening

When I first got the news that I would be a part of the community garden in Edgewood, I was thrilled. I drove out to the site to check it out (had only done drive-bys up until this point), and to find my own little plot.

This is what I found that day:

july 27 march 9 wm

Not too spectacular, no. But it had potential!

I went back a few days later to weed it, add steer poop, and get a few seedlings in the ground:


It’s crazy too look back at these photos from just a few months ago and see how different it looks out there!

This is what we’re dealing with now:

july 27 wm