December 3rd-9th, Days 337-343

Tuesday, December 3rd

Ninjabread Men!!

dec 3 wm

Wednesday, December 4th

Not much to offer you for today, just a little sunset on the way into work this evening.

nov 4 wm


Thursday, December 5th

Of course, my favorite day of photos this week.

Friday, December 6th

A little quiet library time before starting work

Saturday, December 7th

nov 7 wm

Sunday, December 8th

Got to visit with a couple friends when we were over in Spokane this weekend! (yes, I am in this photo, but I promise I took others today!)

nov 8 sm

Monday, December 9th

macro monday 1209 both


May 21st, Day 141: Dog Day

Isaac and I went to the dog park with Toby this afternoon, but because of the rain and such, there was just one other dog, a 9 month old boxer named Rhaego (Game of Thrones, anyone?).

Luckily, he was full of energy, and loved to play rough the way Toby does. They chased each other around for a solid half hour before his owner wanted to leave.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

may 21 6 wm

I asked the other owner if it was okay for me to take photos. He said “I don’t think you’ll steal his soul”

may 21 5 wm

One of my favorites

may 21 4 wm

Crazy eyes!

may 21 3 wm

Toby was covered in dog slobber and rain puddle water by the end.

Until next time.

Until next time.

He was pretty tired out on the drive home (and filthy!)

He was pretty tired out on the drive home (and filthy!)




July 2nd, photo of the day: Tiger Lily…or is that a Redwood Lily?

While visiting my friend Ashley this week down in the Redwoods, we came upon a little patch of these orange blooms in her “backyard.”

They can be seen all along the roads right now in the Redwoods National Park, but this was my first up close and personal encounter.

They are so beautiful! I’ll admit, I was out there for a while….

Before opening

studio waterstone
Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

Heading South

I’m finally getting around to sorting through my Nisqually photos, from a few weeks ago.

When my friend Siana came down from Bellingham we decided to head even further south to the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge near Olympia.

Here are my favorites from that day:

Also, thanks to Evan for the food suggestion! If you ever find yourself in the Lacey Washington area, and if you like Indian food, be sure to check out the Curry Corner. Yum.

I think I owe you two…

So here are a few to make it up to you!

My old friends Katie and Ashley, along with our new friend Stan, are here visiting and today we went and did all the usual touristy things; EMP, Space Needle (though we didn’t go up, we’re going to check out Smith Tower on Saturday), Pike Street Market, the gum wall (Yum!) the Fremont Troll, and the like.

Isaac and I have been to these spots already, but its fun to go with people who haven’t seen this stuff yet :) Yay for friends!

Paying for the goods

As I work on these and my photos of Katie I will be posting more, so stay tuned!

Side note: Don’t do fiber shots! They’re dangerous! (This is for you, Ashley! :D )