August 17th, Day 229: Around the Farm

aug 17 6 wm

A few more from the farm. As the summer goes on, each day brings new things to photograph out there.


The “fruits” of my labor

My challenge today was to photograph fruit, and when I first read that yesterday, I thought, ‘this will be a piece of cake!’

I could not have been more wrong.

I took A LOT of photos. Photos of apples, of bananas, and of strawberries. I took photos of them whole, halved, sliced, together, apart, arranged in funny ways, just sitting on the table. And it all looked so contrived, so boring.

I kept thinking, if it were only summer, and I could take photos of fruit actually growing! But, if wishes were fishes there’d be a big mess.

So I kept trying. After the sun went down, I got out a lamp. Eventually, I got fed up.

This is what happened.

January 30 - #7 - Fruit









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