Pakka Pets are coming! The Pakka Pets are coming!

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with my photography, or photography in general, but if you have fond memories of carrying around one of those key chain  virtual pets as a kid, read on!

A friend of mine recently co-founded a computer software company called Proto Games. Their first project is a game called Pakka Pets. It’s for your iPhone or Android and you get to tend to your pets needs, design their house, explore, and watch them grow!

Proto Games has a Kickstarter page set up to fund the further development of this game, and they need backers! There are just 4 days left in their campaign, with just under 10% of the funding still needed!

Follow this link: to view their Kickstarter page.

Toby says go check it out! (Toby is quite the connoisseur of such things)



July 13th, Day 194: Vancouver BC

My friend Siana and I drove up to Vancouver today. I’d never been to Canada before, so it was a really neat experience.

The bulk of our day was spent at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. For those with a fear of heights, even a small one, this place is both awesome and freaky all at once.

We also walked around a bunch of downtown Vancouver; through the shops at the food market, up and down the streets of the city.

I have a lot more photos taken from today, but this one was taken on our walk back to the car from the downtown part of Vancouver, where we’d found the most yummiest sushi place (apparently Vancouver is known for their sushi)

july 13 wm

Have you ever been to Vancouver? What did you do, and what would you suggest we do next time we’re in town?


July 5th, Day 186: Tourist Adventures

My sister and her boyfriend were in Seattle for the day so Isaac nad I drove up to hang out with them.

We walked around Pike Street Market, and visited the gum wall, went up into the Space Needle, and posed for a few shots in front of the Experience Music Project. Then we headed up to see how the Fremont Troll was doing, before heading down to Pioneer Square where we left them with directions on using the light rail to get to the airport.

It’s fun to play tourist once in awhile!

Straight Out of The Camera Sunday

There are so many different daily photo challenges out there to motivate a person.

The first one I ever participated in was Photo Friday, and I still keep their weekly prompt in mind as I go about my week.

Kent Weakley now hosts (and it was recently hosted by My 3 Boybarians) Sweet Shot Tuesday, a place to show off your favorite photo without being held to a specific prompt.

Another one I like a lot is Scavenger Hunt Sunday at Ramblings and Photos. She gives us 5 prompts to work on each week.

My most recent favorite is Alphabe-Thursday, because I know what the upcoming challenges are going to be and I can think about when I want to do with them. And because Jenny Matlock keeps the rotation going – as soon as Z week is over, it’s right back to A again!

Wednesday seems to be a pretty popular day. There’s Wordless Wednesdays (Project Alicia),  and of course, Wordless Wednesdays with Words (and then, she snapped).  And like Christmas every day hosts a Black and White Wednesday collection.

I was just invited to one on Mondays, called Observing Beauty (Chickens on the Moon) – this week’s subject: Water.

Whew! There are lots of others.

I really enjoy these weekly bits of motivation. Not only that, I enjoy looking through the other contributors; being introduced to blogs I’ve haven’t seen before, as well as finding some of the blogs I already follow participating in these challenges too!

I just learned about SOOC Sunday from Teresa at Eden Hills’s blog. Here is my Straight Out Of The Camera, of Isaac, my mostly ever-present (though not always ever-ready model)

Impromptu photo shoot outside our apartment

Do you know of a weekly prompt collection I don’t have on my list yet?



April 9th, photo of the day: Dandelions

Isaac and I took my niece, Emmaline, to the park today. We were going to take her to see “The Lorax,” but that’s a story for another time.

My little niece, the princess of dandelions.

We had more fun doing “dandelion runs,” dipping our toes in the creek, and climbing around the play fort than we ever would have had at the movie anyway. :)

Have a rebuilding project? Then do I know the place for you!

Then head over to Portland’s ReBuilding Center. (I’m sure these exist else where too, I’ve just only been to this one.)

It was a lot of fun to wander around in, there is seriously a little bit of everything!

I’ve recently been thinking about patterns, finding patterns in the world around me, to photograph. I was in pattern heaven at this place.

As you will see below, there were stacks of doors, piles of tiles (that rhymes!), shelves of sinks, rows of toilets, and so much more! I hope you enjoy looking at my photos of this fun day, below: