July 14th, photo of the day: a summer sunset

A few more from Gene Coulon’s perspective.

It’s fun to visit a park in February, when no one else is stupid enough to go out in the cold, and then to go back to the same park a few months later when everyone in town seems to be hanging out by the water. This little park on the south end of Lake Washington even offers a roped off swimming area for the kids to play in!



Scavenger Hunt (Easter) Sunday

Happy Easter!

While I’m waking up, and waiting for my little niece and nephew to arrive, I thought I would look through my photos from the last few days and see if I have photos to apply to the Scavenger Hunt prompts!

Here is what I found:

This is a NEW way to dye eggs - wrap them in old ties and boil them in water/vinegar for 20 minutes. Added bonus: your eggs are dyed and hard boiled all at once!

LIFE can be seen in this giant tree that we planted in the backyard when we moved to this house 16 years ago!

My dad's delicious bread produced lots of FRAGRANT smells as it baked.
Also, this photo was taken 2 days ago, and all but half of one of these is gone. ;)

Who can resist a black crow surrounded by all PINK?

It's OBVIOUS that I'm going to take photos of my niece and nephew when I come to visit them!

And there they are, my Scavenger Hunt interpretations of the week!

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More birds and life forms

And here are the ones that didn’t make the cut. I thought they were worthy of an extras post anyway.

Looking at this collection I’m seeing that I took a lot of ‘negative space’ photos without even really realizing it….I guess practice does help! :D


The only purpose of the internet is to distract me. Ugh!

Today’s challenge is ‘animals’ and I found a few today, though the photos I took were not what I wanted them to be. I glimpsed a bald eagle as we were driving along and I made Isaac stop and let me jump out, which I did, but the bald eagle was wary of me and took off. This is the best shot I got of him before he got too far:

Bald Eagle

I’m kicking myself for not getting a better photo, but deep down I know that was next to impossible without a longer zoom lens. It was just too forest-y and he took off pretty quickly. But I thought it was too cool not to share a photo of a bald eagle just hanging out there. Sorry I bothered you, big guy!

I also saw an awesome banana slug on the trail, but none of my photos of him are crisp enough. :( I thought they were at the time I took them, but, turns out I was wrong. I was using my extension tubes, and focusing on his little eyeball/antennas but I guess I wasn’t stable enough. Argh.

And this is my “official” photo challenge photo of the day: