June 12th, Day 163: Lake Wilderness Arboretum

Let’s call this Wordless Wednesday, shall we?



May 2nd, Day 122: Lake Wilderness & Mt Rainier

Such great colors today! The first of several high 70’s days – in a row!

may 2 wm

Can you see the mountain?

It seems to have the power to move, showing up in surprising places as one drives from town to town.

March 11th, Day 70: Lake Wilderness Sunrise

The library where I work part time is closing for a few weeks to have some renovations done.

Today a few of us went in to help box up the remaining books before they get started. It was a really nice morning to be outside, and since I got to town a little early, I headed over to Lake Wilderness to see if the sun was coming up yet.

march 11 1 wm

march 11 2 wm

march 11 3 wm

March 6th, Day 65: Raindrops

It has been raining like crazy here today, which should be no surprise, it is Western Washington after all, but given the weather we’ve been getting lately, it is an abrupt change!

I headed down to Lake Wilderness after work to see what I find. I found a lot of water, much of it coming from the sky! Looking at my photos now on my computer screen, I realize I should have upped my f-stop for a wider range, since I of course had no way of knowing where the next drop would land. Ah well, now I know for next time (tomorrow??)!

march 6 wm

November 15th, photo of the day: Fog

A foggy day in Maple Valley perfects a lake reflection shot.

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