March 19th, Day 78: More Ranunculus

I stuck my Ranunculus in my light box the other day, the results of which you can see here.

As their blooms gets bigger and broader, I can’t help but take more photos. This is my first year of having some of these plants around the house, and I love them!

march 19 3 wm

march 19 2 wm

Aaaand something else. not quite sure what this one is called, or how it will look fully bloomed, but I’m looking forward to find out!

march 19 wm


February 19th, Day 50: Me, Myself, and the lightbox

I made it to day fifty! Just 315 more days to go! Can she make it?

Question: What do you do when it’s getting late, you haven’t taken a single blog-worthy photo all day, and you can’t think of anything cool to put in your light box?

Answer: You put yourself in your light box. :)

feb 19 wm

feb 19 2 wm

Yes, I seem to be related to the infamous nose-less Voldemort. So what? ;)

January 6th, Day 6: Skills

Today, I have skillz.

I’m participating in a photo-of-the-day challenge that a fellow fPOE member began in anticipation of her upcoming birthday.

Each day brings a new specific challenge topic.

Today’s challenge was “spice” and as so many of the others did before me, I photographed spice literally. A few took creative license and did other things, but since I have an overflowing spice cupboard, I just went with it. :)

spice wm

While the actual photographing process wasn’t new to me (I used my handy dandy light box), the post-processing was.

I wanted to try a white vignette, and so, with the help of Google I found a very helpful tutorial at Zoom Yummy.