I’ve been enjoying playing with Photoshop lately. I want to look into classes on the subject, either online or in person, I’ll have to do a little research.

I am slowly figuring out a bit on my own; altering colors, adjusting contrast, and making collages (like the one below) but I have loads more I want to learn. I grew up playing on a computer, so all the typical stuff is like second nature, and I want to get to that point too with Photoshop.


The silhouette of a man

Isaac and I have been doing a lot of exploring in the past few weeks.

Most of the time when we head out, we have a certain destination in mind, some park or other cool sounding place that we’ve (usually Isaac) found online. Today we had no destination! We just headed out to see where the road (the 405) would carry us.

We ended up stopping in Lynnwood, at a little park called Martha Lake park. It’s just a little place with a swimming area, and a couple of docks. Those docks ended up the perfect place for me to get some silhouette photos of Isaac jumping off the railing (not into the lake, mind you, a bit too cold for that)

#15 silhouette

It looks like he’s getting pulled up into the air, doesn’t it?