May 25th, Day 145: Bee’s Knees

Found this guy out at the farm today. He was quite involved in his activity and let me get very close.

may 25 wm may 25 4 wm may 25 2 wm may 25 3 wm


January 31st, Day 31: Looking up

The sky was dreary all day today, but we can’t let that stop us, can we? :)

I went traipsing through a bit of forest this afternoon and found the following pretties. (As usual these look better when you click on each image)

Looking up

jan 31 2 wm

jan 31 1 wm

And this one was from yesterday, but I like it too much not to share it with you:

jan 30 5 wm

One month down, just 11 more to go!


January 7, day 7: clean green

I am thinking that I need to focus and get on a solid routine of photo taking if this daily business is going to stick.

During my work week, there are at least three days when I get home after dark, and another three days when it’s so close to dark that it might as well be. (It’s hard to get motivated when everything you want to photograph happens during daylight hours!)

I need to get into a routine that involves morning photo-taking sessions.

Here is a photo from my bathroom. Don’t you feel special?

jan 7 clean green wm

I bet you’re feeling cleaner already.