May Thirteenth

I didn’t do much shooting today, but when I got home from work the moon was just starting to come around the side of our building. And it was so nice outside, close to 70 degrees, even at 9:30pm!

may 13 wm


May 22nd, Day 142: Bright Greens and an Almost Full Moon

All this rain we’ve been having lately has made everything around here a brand new shade of bright green.

I had to get my wide angle out this afternoon.

may 22 green 2 wm

may 22 green wm

And by the time I got home the clouds had mostly cleared, letting the moon shine brightly through.

may 22 moon wm

I couldn’t decide if I liked it better in color or black and white. What do you think?

may 22 moon bw wm

May 14th, Day 134: Cresent Moon

The moon looked beautiful as I drove home from work this evening. You could see the faint outline of the whole thing, though only a sliver was bright.

may 14 wm

Are those stars or is my monitor dirty?

By the time I got out in the yard, the clouds/haze/fog/whatever it was had blurred the moon and hidden its outline.

But that’s okay.

I took several photos, incorporating the roof line of my building.

may 14  2 wm

This is a 20 second exposure, at f/25 and ISO 1600.


April 23rd, Day 113: Almost Full

I was out at the farm as the sun was setting, checking on my new little garden.

The moon is out, and the sky is clear, so I had to get a few photos in.

This was taken with my 55-200mm lens, and I wish I had something stronger!

april 23 wm

And then I cropped the photo when I got back home.

april 23 sm wm

Of course, since we had a serious cloud cover the other night when the meteor shower took place, I wasn’t able to get any shots then. But this guy is pretty impressive too.

I’m curious how the shower looked to the folks who could see it. Did the moon distract since it was pretty full on Sunday?

I also found this barbed wire interesting, as I was driving away from the farm. I should have taken this when the sun was a tad bit higher in the sky, but, live and learn, right?

april 23 2 wm

Nevertheless I’m thinking this might look neat on a pillow…whatdaya think?

*Post Script* So I went ahead and posted this as a pillow on Society6! You can see it here:

April 16th, Day 106: Sky Shots

Isaac and I live right under the flight path for many planes coming and going from Sea-Tac Airport. We’re not close enough to the actual airport that the planes are super low, but they are definitely on the descent/ascent by the time are passing over our apartment.

Tonight as I drove home from work around 8pm I noticed what *I think* was a higher-than-normal number of planes passing overhead. I took advantage of the situation and set up my tripod in the backyard.

These are the results.

april 16 1 wm

april 16 2 wm

This one is my favorite

april 16 3 wm

The timer stopped when the plane was still mid-frame, hence this photo where it looks as if the plane disappeared suddenly.

april 16 4 wm

It was harder than I thought it would be to catch them flying near the moon…I aimed my camera at the moon, and used the moon as the focus guide. I have several shots where the plane flew just outside the frame!