December 10th-16th, Days 344-350

Tuesday, December 10th

dec 10 wm

Wednesday, December 11th

Thursday, December 12th

dec 12 wm

Friday, December 13th

dec 13 wm

Saturday, December 14th

dec 14 wm

Sunday, December 15th

dec 15 wm

Monday, December 16th

macro monday 1216 both


November 12th-18th, Days 316-322

More mushrooms for you this week, though yesterday I was out hiking through the woods when it hit me. Mushrooms aren’t so easy to spot under this thick layer of fallen leaves. As the end fall nears (or has it already passed?), I don’t think there will be much more mushroom searches for me. I may have missed my chance to find the elusive fly agaric. *sigh*

Next year, mushroom, next year I’ll get you.

Tuesday, November 12th

nov 12 wmWednesday, November 13th

nov 13 wm

Thursday, November 14th

nov 14 wm

Friday, November 15th

No feeling so creative tonight, after over an hour and a half of this on the way home. Abra + Traffic = CRANKY!!

nov 15 wm

Saturday, November 16th

This book has been my companion for the last few days, trying to locate the elusive red-capped mushrooms.

nov 16 wm

Sunday, November 17th

nov 17 wm

Monday, November 18th

Aaaand this week’s Macro Monday!

macro monday 1118 both

November 5th-11th, Days 309-315

This week I wanted to focus on finding interesting mushrooms (I’m still on the hunt for the elusive Amanita Muscaria) for a project I’m working on. There are mushrooms growing EVERYWHERE around here, and this project has really opened my eyes to the variety of fungus out there!

Tuesday, November 5th

nov 5 wm

Wednesday, November 6th

nov 6 wm

Thursday, November 7th

Friday, November 8th

nov 8 wm

Saturday, November 9th

Today Isaac and I drove over to Spokane for an impromptu visit. As it happens, we got to see Emi’s recital!

Sunday, November 10th

We didn’t leave Spokane until after the sun went down, so by the time we got home I had little interest in hunting down mushrooms (though I’m sure there are interesting nocturnal varieties I have yet to learn about)

nov 10 wm

Monday, November 11th

Back to the mushroom hunt today! Toby and I went out to all the places I could remember seeing mushrooms before.

And the search continues…

October 29th-November 4th, Days 302-308

Tuesday, October 29th

I’m thinking of putting together a calendar for next year of all mushrooms.

Wednesday, October 30th

And on we go. (I wish I was on a train going somewhere exciting!)

oct 30 wm

Thursday, October 31st

Trick or Treat!

oct 31 wm

Friday, November 1st

My view this evening:

nov 1 wm

Saturday, November 2nd

Yesterday was so windy, large areas around the Puget Sound were out of power for hours (the library was down for 2.5 hours)

nov 2 wm

Sunday, November 3rd

Playing around with an old plate and a new apple.

nov 3 wm

Monday, November 4th

Trying something new tonight scares the dog. He had no idea what to make of my weird endeavors.



October 22nd-28th, Days 295-301

Tuesday, October 22nd

Wednesday, October 23rd

Thursday, October 24th

Friday, October 25th

Saturday, October 26th

FINALLY, my Romanesco Broccoli is starting to grow actual crowns. Since I transplanted them into my community garden plot (from a pot behind our apartment) they’ve been growing like crazy, taking over the whole middle section of the garden. And finally I’m starting to see these! So very cool to have grown such an interesting plant from seed.

More photos as this one and others get bigger (and to pickable size).

Sunday, October 27th

oct 27 1 wm

Moments before my dog went bat-shit crazy at a horse trotting by, I was down in the dirt trying to take photos of this patch of mushrooms along the road. Seriously dude, what did that horse ever do to you??

Monday, October 28th

And today’s Macro Monday:

macro monday 1028 both

October 15th-21st, Days 288-294

Tuesday, October 15th

Went driving in the country today, and stopped here along the road to capture some of the turning fall foliage.

oct 15 wm

Wednesday, October 16th

Isaac made it his mission to catch a leaf before we left the park. Eventually, he was able to catch three.

Thursday, October 17th

oct 17 wm

Friday, October 18th

A few spiderwebs found outside our place

Saturday, October 19th

I found several kinds of mushrooms growing near where we sometimes take Toby (now, I know what you’re thinking, but no dogs are allowed in the area I found the mushrooms, so no connection to their prolific growth there)

Sunday, October 20th

This Crusty Bread recipe is one of the easiest I’ve come across, with tasty results!

oct 20 wmI’ve made it three times now, once following the recipe exactly, once with garlic, and once with whole wheat flour (and double the yeast!)

Monday, October 21st

This week’s Macro Monday:

macro monday 1021 both

Some times I post them here on the blog, but I ALWAYS post them on my Facebook page!