July 20th, photo of the day: The very best Flying Fish I have ever seen

Last month I went to my niece’s first ever big time ballet recital.

It was the best show I have ever seen. :) Barnum and Bailey have nothing on these little ballet dancers!

My favorite were the blue flying fish.


Mentally gearing up for the big show…

Taking direction during practice

Flying fishies!

I can’t recall what these little girls were, but the one in the middle was not feeling any of it. She just stood there, very cutely, through the whole thing. :)

This is also my entry for this week’s Photo Friday prompt, Youngster.


Emma in the Park

Last week when we were in Southern Oregon for Easter we thought we could spend some special “Emma only time” without her little brother around to distract us with his cuteness. We planned on taking her to see The Lorax, and she seemed to be on board too up until the moment she was strapped into the car seat. At which point we changed plans and ended up at the park instead. :)

The slide is her favorite

I love her expression in this one

peeking over the railing

looking down through the tire swing

playing the princess

she loves those dandelions

picking little blue flowers

i like this one because you can just glimpse Emma's little feet running away

having a rest between "flower runs"

Flower run!

she was patiently waiting for her turn

She wanted to climb it

So she got some help.

splashing in the creek

She said "take my photo here"

love the expression

Just tall enough to see over the railing

It's smart to stay refreshed!

more flowers

As soon as we got to the park she forgot all about crying, and we had fun exploring the park. The park is so much more interesting when you see it through the eyes of a four year old! :)


April 9th, photo of the day: Dandelions

Isaac and I took my niece, Emmaline, to the park today. We were going to take her to see “The Lorax,” but that’s a story for another time.

My little niece, the princess of dandelions.

We had more fun doing “dandelion runs,” dipping our toes in the creek, and climbing around the play fort than we ever would have had at the movie anyway. :)