October 22nd-28th, Days 295-301

Tuesday, October 22nd

Wednesday, October 23rd

Thursday, October 24th

Friday, October 25th

Saturday, October 26th

FINALLY, my Romanesco Broccoli is starting to grow actual crowns. Since I transplanted them into my community garden plot (from a pot behind our apartment) they’ve been growing like crazy, taking over the whole middle section of the garden. And finally I’m starting to see these! So very cool to have grown such an interesting plant from seed.

More photos as this one and others get bigger (and to pickable size).

Sunday, October 27th

oct 27 1 wm

Moments before my dog went bat-shit crazy at a horse trotting by, I was down in the dirt trying to take photos of this patch of mushrooms along the road. Seriously dude, what did that horse ever do to you??

Monday, October 28th

And today’s Macro Monday:

macro monday 1028 both


November 13th, photo of the day, Peaceful Light

I’m sorry for my recent lapse in postings.

I’ve been lacking inspiration, and finding my usual fare dull and uninteresting. I need to find a way to try new things and learn new skills, but I’m not sure how or where to start. Occasionally though, I have been stirred by something to grab my camera. Such was the case here, as I was eating my dinner during a break from work. The busy road nearby was anything but calming, but the silence found in the setting sun was peaceful.

I was able to catch the sun coming through an insect’s nibbled hole in one of the last leaves of the season.

July 2nd, photo of the day: Tiger Lily…or is that a Redwood Lily?

While visiting my friend Ashley this week down in the Redwoods, we came upon a little patch of these orange blooms in her “backyard.”

They can be seen all along the roads right now in the Redwoods National Park, but this was my first up close and personal encounter.

They are so beautiful! I’ll admit, I was out there for a while….

Before opening

studio waterstone
Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

May 24th, photo of the day: Learning New Things & Alphabe-Thursday: A

I was born in the Bay Area, in California, and moved to Medford Oregon when I was 12 years old.

Last November, I moved to the Puget Sound area in Washington. I naively thought that the foliage and such would be similar to that in Southern Oregon, since both are same general region of the Northwest.

I was sorely wrong. While there are some plants that overlap both places, Washington offers a whole slew of new and strange plants for me to learn about.

Among other things, there are two that I’ve encountered in the last two days that particularly caught my attention.

Yesterday, I “learned” about Stinging Nettle. My poor finger. Luckily I had Wikipedia to assure me that it’s only temporarily painful, and harmless.

Stinging Nettle

And today I saw something amazing (Alphabe-Thursday: A – I did it!).

Orange raspberries! Salmonberries!

This was a plant that looked exactly like a typical raspberry bush, but the berries were orange. ORANGE!

Isaac and I thought maybe they were just under-ripe, but even that seemed wrong to me. All unripe raspberries I’ve ever seen were white or green. I touched one – as any curious person would do – and it nearly fell away from the plant into my hand. To me, that means it was ready to be eaten.

I looked at Isaac, who was looking at me apprehensively. I wanted to eat that berry. But I was good.

I bought it home to look up and what it was. If all was well I would give it a go. I didn’t want to die, there in the middle of a little patch of forest.

These are showing up all along all the trails I’ve been on lately, and are a lovely bright orange color.

Such a crazy color to see out in the forest.

Just like a raspberry.

It was delicious. And I’m not dead. It tasted partly like a raspberry, and partly like — something else. I want to say sort of like an orange, but my brain might just be telling me that’s what it tasted like. Perhaps. I’ll have to eat more to be sure.

Jenny Matlock