Photo Friday: Of House and Home & Thursday Challenge: Stairs

This set of stairs is part of what used to be someone’s home – at the Admiralty Head Lighthouse on Whidbey Island.

Up and down the stairs, multiple times a day to light it and to clean the glass. Whew!

Photo Friday

Thursday Challenge



April 20th, photo of the day: rhodies!

The rhododendrons in our apartment complex are really starting to take off. They are in varying stages of bloom all around, and in a awesome variety of colors!

Just across the street from our place is this bright red bush:


I’ve added this to Photo Friday: Crimson.

Down the walk a bit is another big flowering bush, and while pink is not usually my favorite color, this plant is my favorite rhodie, with it’s subtle pink and deeper pink outline on each petal:

Pretty in Pink

and not to mention it’s cute little stamen that look like they have eyes!

Can you see the little eyes?

Scavenger Hunt (Easter) Sunday

Happy Easter!

While I’m waking up, and waiting for my little niece and nephew to arrive, I thought I would look through my photos from the last few days and see if I have photos to apply to the Scavenger Hunt prompts!

Here is what I found:

This is a NEW way to dye eggs - wrap them in old ties and boil them in water/vinegar for 20 minutes. Added bonus: your eggs are dyed and hard boiled all at once!

LIFE can be seen in this giant tree that we planted in the backyard when we moved to this house 16 years ago!

My dad's delicious bread produced lots of FRAGRANT smells as it baked.
Also, this photo was taken 2 days ago, and all but half of one of these is gone. ;)

Who can resist a black crow surrounded by all PINK?

It's OBVIOUS that I'm going to take photos of my niece and nephew when I come to visit them!

And there they are, my Scavenger Hunt interpretations of the week!

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Photo Friday: Unwind

Okay, so I’m a day late, but I’m NOT a dollar short. Wait, am I?

Anyway, this Photo Friday Challenge is “Unwind” and I thought, where else better to unwind than at a big beautiful lake in the mountains?

Crater Lake National Park at Sunrise

At 1,943 feet deep, it is the deepest lake in the US.

So much water!

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