March 26th, photo of the day: a key

I love my light box, I really do.

A key, to the future?


March 18: Chewie and I go for a stroll

Today’s challenge from Capture your 365 is “A mini figure.”

So, while Isaac ran around the Redmond Watershed Preserve today, Chewbacca and I took a walk.

Chewie strolls through the clovers

While he wasn’t much of a conversationalist, it was still a fun walk in the rain! :D

March 9th: leading lines

Today’s photo was taken at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks (aka Ballard Locks) in Seattle!

It was fun watching the boats coming and going through the gates.

I’m standing on the gate in this shot, waiting to get yelled at by one of the employees… (that didn’t happen until later, actually).

Ballard Locks(

(Oh, today’s challenge prompt was “leading lines,” from capture your 365!)


Oreos, bread, and the neighborhood

Yesterday, Isaac said “you should make Oreos.”

So, today, I found a recipe online (several recipes, actually, but this one used lower amounts of ingredients to yield about the same number of cookies) to help me do just that.

This is the recipe I used, from Smitten Kitchen.

And this, is a photo of the deliciousness!

They ended up looking more like whoopie or moon pies, but they tasted delicious. Next time I might try something different to flatten them down more.

I am also working on a batch of bread, made with my dad’s bread recipe (I have many yummy Thanksgiving memories courtesy of this recipe), but it’s only just rising so I’ll have to post photos of that one tomorrow. Instead of the regular flour that’s officially in the recipe, I’m trying it with whole wheat flour.

And today’s photo prompt was “your neighborhood.” Unfortunately for me, this was no motivator to take a photo.

Isaac and I walked down to Fred Meyer so I could get yeast and milk and broccoli seeds (I wanted to plant them today, okay?! Don’t judge me). I took my camera along, of course, hoping to be inspired by something I saw, since one could argue that “my neighborhood” extends at least that far.

I finally got one that was worthy of posting, and here it is. Taken just as we were getting back to the apartment. Not great composition, but I like the brightness of the colors. The random car driving by, the balloons bobbing in the crazy wind, and the sun (yay!) reflecting off the car.

Pretty blue sky