April 17th, Day 107: Experimentation

I didn’t take any photos today that I am particularly proud to share on their own merit, but I was able to play around in pse to create an interesting version of a photo I took today.

Here is the SOOC:

april 17 before wm

And this is what I created from it:
april 17 wm


February 3rd, Day 34: more fun with photoshop

It was quite grey and overcast all day today, ending with a bit of drizzly rain at the end.

I was highly unmotivated to take my camera out, but I forced myself to do just that during a mid-day dog walk down to the lake.

This is the original image:

blah wm

Adding just a little contrasting was an improvement:

blah improve wm

Then I was able to experiment with different techniques in PSE. This one is my favorite:

blah sepia

I tried variations of “carving” and sepia, as well as black and white. I like another with a bit of texturing, but this and that one are very similar.

Just playing around (a nearby, yet slightly different dimension, perhaps?) :

blah crazy

The only thing authentically this bright in this photo is the collection of kayaks and canoes standing by for warmer weather.

January 23rd, Day 23: Self-portrait

I’ve been participating in a Facebook daily challenge in celebration of a fellow fPOE’s birthday, which happens to be today.

She gave us a different challenge prompt each day, ending today – as many monthly photo challenges seem to end- with a selfie.

Here’s mine.

jan 23 wm

Oh! And before I forget, tomorrow is the first day of  the “For the Love of Photography” Extravaganza!

The show starts tomorrow at 4pm PST and ends Saturday at 7pm! Follow this link to see all the artwork and check out the sales and the raffles too!


Fun with Photoshop

During my little exploration over to “Harbor Island” today I also found a park that offered awesome views of the city.

I took a photo of the Space Needle, which is currently orange (or “Galaxy Gold”) in honor of it’s 50th anniversary.

I was playing around in PSE, and I did a few things with the image. I’m curious what you think, and which you like best!

The Original

Edit One

Edit Two

Edit Three

My favorite is the last one, it has sort of an old fashioned feel to it that I think matches the anniversary orange. Anyway, I’d love to know your opinion! Lemmie know your thoughts!