April 29th, Day 119: Penrose State Park

I had so many from today it seemed to make more sense to put it in gallery form. Just click on any of the following and it will pull up the larger size for your viewing pleasure.


March 15th, Day 74: It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Found this old building down on the beach at Chamber’s Bay today.

Part of me wanted to crawl inside, but the other park of me kept expecting a boogy man to pop his head out and scare me, haha.

march 15 wm

march 15 2 wm

See, my plan was to shimmy up inside through this drain pipe.

See, my plan was to shimmy up inside through this drain pipe.

Sept 25th: Let’s try this again!

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m baaaaack! Again. Since, the last time I wrote a similar post I only offered you, the reader, maybe a weeks worth of posts before I seemingly disappeared from the face of the Earth again. Oops. Sorry ’bout that.

I just finished up a long and painful house-sitting job. It was the most difficult and stressful job I have taken, and I can’t remember what I ever did with so much free time before I took this job! :D I’m sorry to be a whiner. I usually try not to talk negatively about something like this, but in this case, I just really can’t help it. I’m trying to think of something to compare the experience to, but I’m drawing a blank. The last day of the job, I was so indescribably HAPPY, just knowing it was the last time I would have to be doing the things I was doing. Mainly, cleaning up cat barf and diarrhea, as well as the occasional dog pee. Which is literally how I spent the last three weeks.

Whew! All that is behind me now, and I will try to hold on to the good memories I have from the experience. The dogs weren’t so bad, we went on some fun walks. Their owners are nice people.

In other, happier news, my dad came up recently for a weekend visit, and we packed our days FULL. We went to the Museum of Flight the first day, and though we had initially planned other activities as well, we ended up spending about 5 hours there, and we were both TIRED by the time we left. The second day we went into Seattle, and went both as high as we could go (Columbia Center Building) and as low as we could go (Underground tour)! We also went up into the Smith Tower.

This was taken from the top of Seattle, and tweaked using tilt shift and an action called Faded Ink.

Though I can’t actually promise that I will be posting daily from here-on forward, I can give my most sincere word that I will try my very best. We have settled into our new apartment, I’m no longer housesitting, and my work hours have calmed down a bit.

May 26th, photo of the day: A Few More From Rizal’s Point of View

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend! Well, anyway, it’s beautiful here in Western Washington!

I’m sitting here at my desk listening to the sounds of the neighborhood – children yelling, adults greeting each other, and dogs barking. We live right next to the “Residence Center” which houses one of the complex’s pools.

I went up to Rizal Park in Seattle last night to get some long exposure shots, and I wanted to share a few more with you.

So here we go!

We weren’t the only ones out there

Vertical view

The beautiful sunset

If Seattle suffered a nuclear meltdown, it might look something like this

I think this is my favorite

my favorite, subjected to a little pse changes.

April 14th, photo of the day: My mom

My mom came up to Seattle for a visit, and today we went to Seahurst Park in Seattle.

It started out a cloudy day, but by the time we got out to the beach it was quite sunny.

I wanted to practice portraits on my mom, but I picked the wrong time of day (noon) and the wrong place (no shade).

I shall try again (I’m looking forward to the ‘golden hour’ as the little B&B she’s staying in faces the Sound).

I did get a couple good shots: