July 22nd, Day 203: The Color Purple

This month’s color for Eva Ricci’s group is purple.

I give you my purple harvest from today.

july 22 wm


April 12th (and 13th), photo of the day: My Own Personal Field Day(s)

Starting Thursday the 12th, my mom is staying in a really cute little cottage B&B in Seattle, called the Soundview Cottage.

The owner has so many flowers blooming in the yard right now, I had my own field day photographing them all!

Here is a sampling for your perusal:

I added a few from Friday as well, though it would be better to have all the flower photos together (or most of them, anyway)!

March 31st, photo of the day: a small word in color

I haven’t done any photography today, because I’ve been switching over my portfolio page from weebly.com to a wordpress site.

I’m switching for convenience; it seems a little silly to have two separate places to go for my photos, but also because weebly has a smaller maximum upload size, and it gets annoying having to reduce photos down every day.

Followers and visitors of this blog have likely seen all the photos on my portfolio page already, but if you want to take a look you can find my page HERE.

And now back to the light box!

My mom gave this to me, years ago, after I went to Thailand. A local man makes them in all different languages, and they all say the same thing, peace.

Thai peace.

It’s not the best photo, or the coolest. Just simple peace. ;)