May Fourteenth

Walking the dog at dusk today, one of our nearby lakes was so still (all the ducks must have been sleeping…)

may 14 wm


May Eleventh

Well, I suppose by now you may be thinking that I should change my blog name to something along the lines of:

“Abra Alani: The pursuit of Toby and more Toby”

But, what can I do, when he’s acting so ridiculous, doing such random doggy things like barking at his own reflection and freaking out while walking over a steel-grid bridge as if he’s going to fall through?

May 15th, Day 135: Reflections

Out at the Nelson Farm Park, where my veggies are growing, there’s an old house and barn. The city is working on raising funds to upgrade certain parts of the house, and until then we aren’t allowed inside.

Today I peeked in the windows, and caught this interesting reflection.

may 15 wm

I felt like the Nelson Family would suddenly walk out of the house and start talking to me. That, or creepy stuff would start happening…may 15 2 wm

But Toby was there to protect me if the Nelson ghosts came creeping.

may 15 3 wm

June 16th, photo of the day: Hope for a Sunrise

Got up early this morning with the hopes of finding a nice sunrise. I seem to have a knack for picking overcast mornings though, and it didn’t turn into anything but rain.

However, I did enjoy a nice early morning sit by the lake shore at the boat ramp.

This photo was asking for an old fashioned look. So I obliged it. :)

May 10th, photo of the day: a little of this and that

One of the most important parts of this 365 photo challenge I’m doing is that when I force myself to get out and photograph something everyday, I am more often ready to take photos of all those things I always say I should take photos of!

Oh, you’d like an example? Well, how about that tree -you know the one- out in front of our building. It looked BEAUTIFUL when we first moved into this apartment back in November. However, we moved in, and quickly turned around and left again to Peru for two weeks. It’s funny, because I actually recall thinking “I should take a photo of that tree because it’s almost guaranteed to be bare by the time we get home.” But did I take it’s photo? No, because I’m a slacker. And was the tree bare when we got home? You betcha it was.

Well alright, you might be saying, just take the tree’s photo this coming November, and all will be well in the world again. Except that we plan on being out of this apartment by the end of August (Wait, you moved in in November, and you’re leaving in August? Don’t ask, it’s a dumb story.)

In any case, I am still slow to learn that if I see something I want to photograph, I need to do it, right then, at that very moment that I think about it. But actually holding my camera in my hand when I have these thoughts has helped loads. I am getting used to wearing my camera.

Bleeding Heart Pods – I love seeing the progression from new flower to pod.

I was liking the reflection on this pond – which was supposed to have Koi Fish in it, but didn’t. Hrmm..

Dear 50mm lens, I know we’ve only been together a short time, but please never leave me, I love you.

It could look like a bald eagle, but it’s not. It’s s crow with some bit of garbage in it’s beak.

Is it weird to just take a picture of light? I think not.

And finally, I will ‘leaf’ you with one I call “Happy Trees” because they look so very happy, and it makes me happy to look at them.

All of these were taken, just because I had my camera out and at the ready. If it hadn’t been, I might have made a mental note to take a photo of this or that, but never actually get around to it.

What are your tricks to keep yourself taking photos? Do you “wear your camera?”