July 19th, photo of the day: Petal

This was intended for Ramblings and Photos weekly challenge, but I missed the deadline.

Doesn’t mean I can’t share it anyway! :)

I applied a slight vintage action. I played with it more after this, and I found a few different levels of color, ranging from all b&w to full color, and this was my favorite.

What do you think?



July 14th, photo of the day: a summer sunset

A few more from Gene Coulon’s perspective.

It’s fun to visit a park in February, when no one else is stupid enough to go out in the cold, and then to go back to the same park a few months later when everyone in town seems to be hanging out by the water. This little park on the south end of Lake Washington even offers a roped off swimming area for the kids to play in!


July 10th, photo of the day: The Dude

He started hanging out on a wall near our house one morning not too long ago. He stayed a few days, but now he’s gone.

No sign that he was ever there at all, watching over all the comings and goings for a short while.

I would much rather see interesting graffiti like this around rather than someone’s “tag” name scrawled out over and over again.

July 7th, photo of the day: Mysterious May Creek Park

I went looking for a park noted as May Creek Park on Google maps.

What I found was a beautiful little road, hidden in the middle of town, but a world of its own. I didn’t want to leave.


Reaching up

See? My newest friend likes me :)

May Creek

The forest for the trees

I looked it up again online when I got home, and it doesn’t seem to have a parking area or specific access/entry point like I was expecting to find. I guess I found the park, but who knows. Maybe if I went back the road I drove down wouldn’t even be there anymore. :)