May 4th, photo of the day: Rhubarb

Rhubarb is one of those foods most people don’t really think about.

It’s not really a fruit, so is it a vegetable? The leaves are poisonous, but the stems go great with strawberries in a variety of things; pie, cookies, crisp, etc. It looks like red celery, but it’s bitter. It’s one of the first vegetables to come each spring.

Over the last year, I have come to love rhubarb. The first pie I ever made was strawberry rhubarb, and it’s been a wild pie ride ever since! I have made an assortment of different types of pie, but I find that I always come back to this stalky red vegetable (yup, it’s a vegetable!).

I even bought myself my own rhubarb plant this year. I’m not sure if I’ll actually be able to use any of its shoots this summer season, and he’s going to have to live in a pot for now, but I have one! Some day I will be able to go outside and grab a couple of stalks anytime I want!

My love for rhubarb is why I was super excited to find fresh rhubarb for sale at a little home-owned honor box fruit stand next door to the Bay View State Park that Isaac and I camped at while in Mt Vernon. Whoever had set it up had rubber-banded stalks of rhubarb together with a note that said “Rhubarb stalks 3 for $1.” This alone was fantastic, since rhubarb is typically about $3.99 a pound at Fred Meyer. But add on top of the price that this rhubarb was super fresh, just picked, and most likely organically grown, I was literally a happy camper that night.


I haven’t made a pie in a couple of months (this is so sad to realize!). But it’s hard to make a full pie with just Isaac and myself to eat it. That’s a lot of pie for two people! (anyone in the greater Puget Sound area want some pie? I would love to make you some)

Anyway, so I brought my little rhubarb bouquet home, where I decided to turn it into rhubarb raspberry cookies (which I did today!) rather than pie. Granted, cookies aren’t healthier than pie, but at least they last longer and we won’t feel like we have to eat them all within two days (that might happen anyway…heh heh)!


Anyone have a rhubarb plant I could groom for you?