Scavenger Hunt Sunday – July 1st

Hanging Around
Funny Face

The most perfect of sunsets

Isn’t he a little sweetie face?

I’ve been working on Nick Exposed and Seeing Spots Photography’s scavenger hunt this month, and one of their prompts is “Clowning Around Upside Down” This was all I could think of for that, and it works well for this Hanging Around” prompt too!

Making funny faces with my niece on a recent pie-delivery mission

So much space up there.

And, because Ashley Sisk has her baby today – Congratulations!  The new link up can be found at Sarah Halstead’s site instead!

Ramblings and Photos

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 17th

Whew! This week’s prompts were difficult.

Meet Me at the Corner
Mother Nature Meets Technology
One Step at a Time
What’s Wrong with this Picture?
Standing Tall

Meet me at the corner, across from the park, where these three friends are hawking their wares on a warm summer day

I maintain that these should be buried, but they can be pretty, nevertheless…

If you can take a moment and look beyond the lovely model here to the stone steps on the side of the cliff… Those are a part of one of several “highways” into the Incan city of Machu Picchu. There is a drawbridge – perhaps one of the first ever – made of simple logs overs a gap in the stone path (just under Ashley’s left arm). If you happen to trip whilst walking along this “road” you will not merely stub your toe or scrape your knee, but rather you will fall some hundreds of feet down to the valley floor below. Guess those Incans weren’t too afraid of heights, hmm?

Okay, so this isn’t a photo per se, but there is something seriously wrong with it! :D

Standing Tall

And if you want to play along, next week’s challenges are:

Concentric Circles

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 10th

Good Morning!

A couple of these are from the archives, so forgive me, and enjoy!

Black and White

Travel – One of the best parts of traveling is the people you meet. The kids at this school were some of our best buddies and teachers during  my and my friend Nira’s time to Thailand.

Silly – I love the silly about-to-break-into-a-smile expression on my nephew’s face as he zooms toward me with Gramma

B&W – playing with some of the actions I discovered the other day.

Spots – I love the little spots on these rhodies….I honestly didn’t even realize they were there until I was peering through my extension tube at them. Don’t they look like leopard spots?

Paper – The petals on these poppies remind me of paper, they are so delicate and see-through.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 3rd

Good Morning!

This week’s prompts were particularly hard for me, possibly because I came up with them? Maybe I was trying too hard because they were mine.

Anyway, a couple of them are a bit of a stretch, but bare with me this week. :) I’ll do better next time. (well, maybe.)

These cherries were the first of the season, and the sun was catching them in such a lovely way, they were like a lighthouse, lighting the way with their SHINE…

Long exposures in Rizal Park makes cars on I-5 look like they’re going so fast they could fly!

These tomatoes were LEFT in the ‘seconds’ bin because they weren’t up to snuff, but mine tasted just as delicious as the ‘firsts’ AND it had a little extra personality!

I find it to be very PEACEful, wandering through a community garden like this one in Bellevue. The rows of gardens, and how each family plants different things. All these little seedlings preparing for the summer make me happy. :)

My breakfast of PLAIN homemade sourdough and some strawberries might seem boring, but it’s actually the perfect way to start the day

As you may have already noticed, several of these are farmer’s market inspired. I went up to the Phinney Farmer’s Market on Friday for it’s opening day this year!

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – May 27th

Good Morning! I really liked this week’s prompts, mostly because they weren’t typical; they were more about photographing moments or stories. Definitely more challenging!

Today’s challenges:

  1.     Beneath Your Feet
  2.     Capturing Movement
  3.     Texture
  4.     Face Your Fears
  5.     Currently

My responses:

I stuck my feet in a cool stream this afternoon. What’s beneath my feet? I don’t know, maybe fish, crabs, or snakes! Oh my!

I had a lot of fun capturing the movement of the cars heading into and out of the city on Friday night

I have a couple texture ones I liked, which do you like better?

Texture of a broken truck window

Texture of a feather

This one is from the archives. Isaac and I, along with my dear friend Ashley traveled to Peru last November. As part of our visit to Machu Picchu, we got up extra early to hike Huayna Picchu (the mountain you see in the background of all the famous Machu Picchu photos). Now, I’m not a fan of heights. That’s my fear. Hiking UP was no problem, because it was still so foggy I couldn’t see how far up we actually were climbing. However, as we headed back down, hours later, I could ONLY see how far up we were! :) Some of those Incan stairs are steep! You can see in this photo where people are walking down some of the steps, and you can see Machu Picchu in the distance. Was it worth it? DEFINITELY! :)

Currently, there are LOADS of this cotton-like fluff in the air, carrying seeds from nearby cottonwood trees (Thanks Marisa!). What an appropriate name. What tree is it, you ask? I don’t know! Anyway, right now it looks like it has recently snowed in some places, the fluff is so pervasive!

Check out all the other fun entries at Ramblings and Photos! Next week’s challenges were submitted by yours truly, so go take a look! Thanks, Ashley, for using my suggested prompts! :)

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – May 20th

Good Morning Everybody!

Here are my answers to this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts:

Rainbow – kayaks waiting for summer

Fluffy – A cat named Huckleberry currently living at the Seattle Humane Society

Letters – Who doesn’t love to get mail?

Metal – a box labeled “Butts Here” loiters on the side of the library

Trees – a family of trees

Come join in, it’s a lot of fun!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday – May 13th/ Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there, may your day be filled with odd homemade breakfasts and demands for attention. :)

I struggled with a couple of this week’s prompts, as I usually do. I always want to come up with something particularly clever, but that does not always happen.


Using my *new* 50mm 1.8 lens I decided to try to take an interesting photo of sidewalk. This is what I came up with.


While hiking through the woods I happened to look up and see the sun coming through the two halves of the trunk of this tree.


I take the 405 up to Bellevue each week to get to the Humane Society. Every time I think that the traffic is going to be better, and every time it never is. How much time do I unnecessarily spend driving on this crazy freeway?

Close up:

I found this little fellow out by my garden, sitting and waiting for his next meal.

With Mirror:

Alright, maybe this is a bit of a cheat, but this lake I photographed in January has a mirror like effect going on. It was the best I could come up with.

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