August 25th, Day 237: Clouds

There was some interesting cloud action going on today. Of course I didn’t have my “real” camera with me at all today (yes, I’m dumb), and don’t yet possess one of the better camera phones on the market.

Still, I had to at least try to capture the\is coolness in the sky.

aug 25 wm

And I’m pretty impressed with how well this photo from my $20 camera turned out. Thanks Kyocera!


April 16th, Day 106: Sky Shots

Isaac and I live right under the flight path for many planes coming and going from Sea-Tac Airport. We’re not close enough to the actual airport that the planes are super low, but they are definitely on the descent/ascent by the time are passing over our apartment.

Tonight as I drove home from work around 8pm I noticed what *I think* was a higher-than-normal number of planes passing overhead. I took advantage of the situation and set up my tripod in the backyard.

These are the results.

april 16 1 wm

april 16 2 wm

This one is my favorite

april 16 3 wm

The timer stopped when the plane was still mid-frame, hence this photo where it looks as if the plane disappeared suddenly.

april 16 4 wm

It was harder than I thought it would be to catch them flying near the moon…I aimed my camera at the moon, and used the moon as the focus guide. I have several shots where the plane flew just outside the frame!

March 2nd, Day 61: Little piece of the sky

The night sky was quite inviting tonight when I arrived home, so I set up the ol’ tripod and headed outside, hoping I wasn’t stepping on “doggie landmines” (not Toby’s! We clean up after our pup…) in the dark.

The clouds were clearly moving faster than I realized, since they appear blurry here. Felt like a still night to me.

march 2 wm

March 1st: Up!

Starting today I have daily challenges again!

I’m using the fat mum slim March photo a day prompts!

Today’s is “Up” and so off I went in search of things above…

taken with a florescent filter, I thought the effect was kind of interesting looking.

and another

I'm pretty sure this crow was either having a conversation with or an argument with the two little yappy dogs in the yard below.

and one of the sky

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