August 24th, Day 236: Photos of the neighbor…

I’ve been sneaking photos of our newest neighbor.

He moved in a few days ago, and now just sits in his living room, apparently waiting for others to swing by.




October 1st, photo of the day: Spiders all around

Seriously. I’m going to have to look this up, because I am finding spiders everywhere, where they weren’t before. It really must be a seasonal thing, don’t you think?

This fellow wove a perfect web in the rose bush outside our backdoor. I noticed the web first of course, and at first wondered where the owner was. I found him here, hiding just out of sight under this leaf.

Anyway, it seemed also appropriate to offer you a somewhat creepy photo to start off this month of Halloween! :)

Sept 24th, photo of the day: For My Sister

Sorry little sister. I know you’re going to hate this one.

I’m thinking it’s a seasonal thing, but these guys are EVERYWHERE around the house I’m staying at right now. It’s so cool, because you don’t even see them except for certain times of the day, when the sun shines perfectly through them.

This fellow (or lady??) was in the window, but most of them were up between the tree branches, at least 10 feet off the ground. (This is nice because it means I won’t be inadvertently walking through them). One was trying to create his (her?) web right across the long driveway to the house.

July 3rd, photo of the day: Is that you, Charlotte?

First, Happy Birthday Sister! :D My sister over at Amanda Ward Photography is celebrating her birthday today! Check out her beautiful birth photography, and wish her a happy birthday.

Second, my friend Ashley is convinced that we found Charlotte, or at least one of her descendants.

Then she got to thinking about how this little spider looked a lot like the stamen of the Foxglove flower she was sitting in, and possibly had adapted to that, to better blend in and camouflage herself from predators.

Thanks for letting me photograph you, Charlotte!

June 29th, photo of the day: You Bug Me!

No, not you. Not anything, actually. I’ve just been an insect/bug paparazzi the last few days. Maybe it has something to do with spending time in actual YARDS as opposed to my dark, man-made deck.

Bugs are fun.

Can you see the spider? ;)

Spiders are so weird up close. They have so many things that look like they could be eyes, and they always seem to be looking right at you.

The one thing I haven’t been able to photograph is snails. Not because they aren’t around, they are everywhere! But as soon as my mom sees one, it’s as good as smooshed already. A shattered shell with bits of goo sticking to it does not a photo make. ;)