August 16th, Day 228: Scenic places under our noses!

I have a bunch of photos from our camping trip to go through, I’m not sure where to start!

Tonight we went out for dinner with Isaac’s parents, and while we were waiting for our table we stood outside to enjoy the fresh air.

august 16 wm

I enjoyed playing around with edits on this one, and this is my favorite result.


July 27th, Day 208: Gardening

When I first got the news that I would be a part of the community garden in Edgewood, I was thrilled. I drove out to the site to check it out (had only done drive-bys up until this point), and to find my own little plot.

This is what I found that day:

july 27 march 9 wm

Not too spectacular, no. But it had potential!

I went back a few days later to weed it, add steer poop, and get a few seedlings in the ground:


It’s crazy too look back at these photos from just a few months ago and see how different it looks out there!

This is what we’re dealing with now:

july 27 wm


July 20th, Day 201: Sunflower

I planted a variety of sunflowers in my garden this year. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough room to grow those huge mega sunflowers that end up bigger than serving platter, and drooping all the way down to the ground. Instead I planted a dwarf variety, as well as an assortment of those dark velvety ones.

They have all been steadily growing, and today one of the dwarves started to open!

july 20 wm

July 3rd, Day 184: Red, White, and Blue

Happy Birthday to my Little Sis!

Tomorrow is the birth day of our country, and when people gather together in parks to watch other people shoot explosives into the sky, to create beautiful designs and pollution.

Err, I mean, to celebrate this country and everything it has to offer.

I found some patriotic blooms in the farm’s wildflower patch this morning.

June 29th, Day 180: A Belated Haiku

As part of the Blogathon, the participants are encouraged to participate in “theme days.” The purpose of these days is many-fold; they get us to try something new (a video blog post), meet fellow Blogathoners (guest posting), as well as keep us engaged and motivated (5 favorite apps, haiku day).

Needless to say, I have been negligent this year about participating in any of these.  Our haiku day was set for this past Monday, and I am now offering you my belated haiku, today.

northwest hot summer sun
helping my garden to grow
plenty of scrumptious treats

So far the majority of my harvesting has been of the underground (literally) variety. beets, radishes, carrots, and onions.


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June 28th, Day 179: Harvesting

I had today off, and I spent a good portion of it at the farm, weeding, and harvesting. A lot of stuff is starting to ripen, which is very exciting.

Just today, I was able to gather beets, radishes, carrots, potatoes, spinach, raspberries, and cherries!

I also made a German chocolate cake today from scratch. First time! Though the frosting is a bit time consuming, it was a pretty easy thing to make, overall. And it tastes pretty darn delicious if I do say so myself.

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