September 10th, Day 253: Sunset

Happy Birthday to the BESTEST mom in the world!


October 4th, photo of the day: Enjoyable Indecision

I have a terrible wonderful problem. Actually, I’m sure anyone who has ever called themselves a photographer has experienced a similar difficulty.

Here my problem, see. I have a photo that I love, but I’m not sure how I love it BEST.

Tell me what you think, please!

(You might need to click on each photo to enlarge it…it seems the thumbnails are a little blurry for some reason)

The photo…with a few tweaks of my own here and there…

A little vintage-y action called butterscotch…yummy.

…and some straight up vintage fun with a touch of color

Which edit do you prefer, and why? I’m waiting by my computer for your response! ;)