December 10th-16th, Days 344-350

Tuesday, December 10th

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Wednesday, December 11th

Thursday, December 12th

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Friday, December 13th

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Saturday, December 14th

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Sunday, December 15th

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Monday, December 16th

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August 16th, Day 228: Scenic places under our noses!

I have a bunch of photos from our camping trip to go through, I’m not sure where to start!

Tonight we went out for dinner with Isaac’s parents, and while we were waiting for our table we stood outside to enjoy the fresh air.

august 16 wm

I enjoyed playing around with edits on this one, and this is my favorite result.

August 6th, Day 218: Cloud Puffs

Not a lot going on today. Did notice some interesting clouds while out at the farm chasing the dog around.

Was the sun trying to blow cloud rings?

This windmill is along the main road in Edgewood, and with the sun going down behind it I made a quick detour on the way home to take a photo. I was a little late though, as the sun had gone down considerably from the moment I noticed the potential for a photo and actually getting to a good spot to take it.


May 9th, Day 129: Field of Dandelion Fluffs


As I was finishing up with the watering this eveningmay 9 1 wm, I happened to glance over at the empty field that’s a part of the farm, but isn’t currently being used for anything. Last year there was a man who kept his cows there, but rumor is he moved away. It would make a fantastic dog park, and the idea has been brought up to the people in charge.

may 9 3 wm

Today though, it was full of dandelion fluffs, and with the sun setting behind it, they were all like little lights, shining away.

may 9 4 wm

may 9 2 wm