August 16th, Day 228: Scenic places under our noses!

I have a bunch of photos from our camping trip to go through, I’m not sure where to start!

Tonight we went out for dinner with Isaac’s parents, and while we were waiting for our table we stood outside to enjoy the fresh air.

august 16 wm

I enjoyed playing around with edits on this one, and this is my favorite result.


June 23rd, Day 174: Museum Of Glass – Tacoma

My dad and I went down to the Tacoma Museum of Glass this afternoon.

It was pretty interesting, all the different types of glass sculpting styles out there. Although I’ve lived in the area for awhile now, I hadn’t yet gone to this museum (or most of the museums in Tacoma for that matter….), mostly because I knew it was something my dad would be interested in seeing. So, I saved my visit for a time he was able to go too.

The coolest part was near the end, we wandered into the auditorium, or hot shop as they called it, in the middle of a demonstration. There were about four guys all working on a large piece of almost-clear glass, each guy seemed to have a specific job to do, and they worked together almost without needing to say a word between them.

Of course, one of the guys is the main artist, and the others are his assistants. What I don’t understand about the process is how just one of these people can claim that the finished piece is his, since each of them plays an important roll, and the piece wouldn’t exist if they weren’t all involved.

From where we stood, about 15 feet above the display floor, we agreed it had to be pretty warm down there. The thermometer on the ovens said 2100 degrees, and even in a room as big as that one, we could feel it.


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April 12th, Day 102: The Writing On the Wall

*Blogger’s note: December 23th, 2013: with the impending conclusion to this year I have gone back to make sure I have in fact taken a photo a day in 2013. I found this old post, from April no less, with all the words but none of the photos. I found the folder containing the photos taken today (it was a fun day too, not sure how I was able to get around not posting them…) and got them in here.*


Don’t give up on me, not yet…

I have been taking photos every day, I have been good about that.

What I have been failing on is posting the photos here on my blog.

Perhaps not as important for my 365 project, but I do feel guilty about it. And, I really ought to be more consistent with my postings to maintain visitation! :D (Please keep coming back, don’t give up on me yet)


A few weeks ago I drove Isaac to work one evening so I could visit a friend. On my way to her place, I stopped at the 34th Street Bridge to take some city photos (I didn’t end up liking them enough to share them here with you), but I did see another photographer walking the railroad tracks to an area covered completely with colorful graffiti.

I made a mental note to research how to get there myself as soon as I got home!

march 27 extra wm

You can see the graffiti way down below

Today, Isaac and I headed down there ourselves.

We felt pretty hard-core, hopping a fence (though turns out we didn’t need to), and walking the tracks below the freeway to get there. It was a little eerie, all the remnants of homeless camps everywhere. There was one spot that still looked inhabited,  complete with a tent.


March 20th, Day 79: Happy Spring!

march 20 2 wm

I’m pretty sure 94.9% of photographers found a daffodil to take a photo of today,  it being the first day of spring and all. But seriously, in this area, they are EVERYWHERE! It’s quite nice, actually.

march 20 3 wm

I also went down to Tacoma tonight for a bit of a girl’s night, and when we first arrived to the restaurant I couldn’t help but sit staring out the window at the lovely view.

march 20 wm

I SHOULD have gotten my coat and scarf back on and actually walked outside, but it was so bitterly windy, and I sort of like the reflection effect here.