May Eleventh

Well, I suppose by now you may be thinking that I should change my blog name to something along the lines of:

“Abra Alani: The pursuit of Toby and more Toby”

But, what can I do, when he’s acting so ridiculous, doing such random doggy things like barking at his own reflection and freaking out while walking over a steel-grid bridge as if he’s going to fall through?


May Seventh

Well, as it goes, as soon as I decide on a thing like taking photos of rain and such what does the weather do but give us sunshine and dry pavements! :D Ah well, I suppose I can deal with it.

Toby was kind enough to stand still for 30 seconds in this random field of blue flowers while I got off a few photos.

May 21st, Day 141: Dog Day

Isaac and I went to the dog park with Toby this afternoon, but because of the rain and such, there was just one other dog, a 9 month old boxer named Rhaego (Game of Thrones, anyone?).

Luckily, he was full of energy, and loved to play rough the way Toby does. They chased each other around for a solid half hour before his owner wanted to leave.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

may 21 6 wm

I asked the other owner if it was okay for me to take photos. He said “I don’t think you’ll steal his soul”

may 21 5 wm

One of my favorites

may 21 4 wm

Crazy eyes!

may 21 3 wm

Toby was covered in dog slobber and rain puddle water by the end.

Until next time.

Until next time.

He was pretty tired out on the drive home (and filthy!)

He was pretty tired out on the drive home (and filthy!)