Follow me, my children…

So, I have been at this for a little over a month now, and I have 92 people -between email alerts and facebook- following my blog. This is amazing! Thank you for following me!

I was thinking, maybe since the monumentus one hundredth follower is imminent, I should offer some sort of a drawing when that time rolls around! When I started this blog I thought I would be offering you equal parts food and photography adventures, and while there have been some of both, I have been using it far more for a place to showcase my photography.

That being said, I now want to hear from you. If you were to win, which would you rather receive as a prize; a set of 5 note cards with my photos on them, or a dozen homemade whole wheat bagels?

Today Isaac and I took Ashley and Stan up to the Smith Tower! It’s a great view of the city, that offers a different perspective to the Space Needle.

Can you see the Space Needle?


*edit* I just added this photo to the Photo Friday challenge, found here! Check it out, add your own! :)


I think I owe you two…

So here are a few to make it up to you!

My old friends Katie and Ashley, along with our new friend Stan, are here visiting and today we went and did all the usual touristy things; EMP, Space Needle (though we didn’t go up, we’re going to check out Smith Tower on Saturday), Pike Street Market, the gum wall (Yum!) the Fremont Troll, and the like.

Isaac and I have been to these spots already, but its fun to go with people who haven’t seen this stuff yet :) Yay for friends!

Paying for the goods

As I work on these and my photos of Katie I will be posting more, so stay tuned!

Side note: Don’t do fiber shots! They’re dangerous! (This is for you, Ashley! :D )