October 8th-14th, Days 281-287

Tuesday, October 8th

Playing around with the pink power ranger…she’s making her big escape.

(I stopped her before she got all the way up to the deadbolt)

Wednesday, October 9th

I tried my hand at HDR today.  See my first attempt here:  themagicalmiss.wordpress.com/trying-something-new/

Thursday, October 10th

A few other HDR photos taken on the way home from work this evening.

Friday, October 11th

oct 11 wm

Saturday, October 12th

oct 12 wm

Sunday, October 13th

This week’s Macro Monday challenge:

macro monday 1014 both

Monday, October 14st

My favorite day of the week


January 31st, Day 31: Looking up

The sky was dreary all day today, but we can’t let that stop us, can we? :)

I went traipsing through a bit of forest this afternoon and found the following pretties. (As usual these look better when you click on each image)

Looking up

jan 31 2 wm

jan 31 1 wm

And this one was from yesterday, but I like it too much not to share it with you:

jan 30 5 wm

One month down, just 11 more to go!


Scavenger Hunt Sunday – May 20th

Good Morning Everybody!

Here are my answers to this week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts:

Rainbow – kayaks waiting for summer

Fluffy – A cat named Huckleberry currently living at the Seattle Humane Society

Letters – Who doesn’t love to get mail?

Metal – a box labeled “Butts Here” loiters on the side of the library

Trees – a family of trees

Come join in, it’s a lot of fun!

May 10th, photo of the day: a little of this and that

One of the most important parts of this 365 photo challenge I’m doing is that when I force myself to get out and photograph something everyday, I am more often ready to take photos of all those things I always say I should take photos of!

Oh, you’d like an example? Well, how about that tree -you know the one- out in front of our building. It looked BEAUTIFUL when we first moved into this apartment back in November. However, we moved in, and quickly turned around and left again to Peru for two weeks. It’s funny, because I actually recall thinking “I should take a photo of that tree because it’s almost guaranteed to be bare by the time we get home.” But did I take it’s photo? No, because I’m a slacker. And was the tree bare when we got home? You betcha it was.

Well alright, you might be saying, just take the tree’s photo this coming November, and all will be well in the world again. Except that we plan on being out of this apartment by the end of August (Wait, you moved in in November, and you’re leaving in August? Don’t ask, it’s a dumb story.)

In any case, I am still slow to learn that if I see something I want to photograph, I need to do it, right then, at that very moment that I think about it. But actually holding my camera in my hand when I have these thoughts has helped loads. I am getting used to wearing my camera.

Bleeding Heart Pods – I love seeing the progression from new flower to pod.

I was liking the reflection on this pond – which was supposed to have Koi Fish in it, but didn’t. Hrmm..

Dear 50mm lens, I know we’ve only been together a short time, but please never leave me, I love you.

It could look like a bald eagle, but it’s not. It’s s crow with some bit of garbage in it’s beak.

Is it weird to just take a picture of light? I think not.

And finally, I will ‘leaf’ you with one I call “Happy Trees” because they look so very happy, and it makes me happy to look at them.

All of these were taken, just because I had my camera out and at the ready. If it hadn’t been, I might have made a mental note to take a photo of this or that, but never actually get around to it.

What are your tricks to keep yourself taking photos? Do you “wear your camera?”


April 18th, photo of the day: Bokeh & Wordpress Weekly Challenge: Unfocused

I didn’t do much actual shooting today, instead spending time changing my website theme, editing/posting some photos from the past week, and adding a few prints to Etsy. The day turned out really nice though, sunny and warm, so all that was probably not in my best interest, in the long run!

The sun coming through the trees behind our little deck was looking really nice just now, so I’d thought I’d take a bokeh filled shot for you today. This one has a bonus sunflare too!

*Author’s edit* This is also the WordPress Weekly Challenge Photo: Unfocused!

Tree bokeh and bonus sunflare

Also, what do you think of the new theme? It’s not too different from the old one, but it feels a little more open. What do you think of it?

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