September 25th, Day 268: Bradley Lake

sept 25 1 wm


March 6th, Day 65: Raindrops

It has been raining like crazy here today, which should be no surprise, it is Western Washington after all, but given the weather we’ve been getting lately, it is an abrupt change!

I headed down to Lake Wilderness after work to see what I find. I found a lot of water, much of it coming from the sky! Looking at my photos now on my computer screen, I realize I should have upped my f-stop for a wider range, since I of course had no way of knowing where the next drop would land. Ah well, now I know for next time (tomorrow??)!

march 6 wm

June 26th, photo of the day: Under The Sea

As we were heading back towards the ferry terminal on Orcas Island, we stopped in Judd Cove where it offered us a low tide. We were able to walk out pretty far.

First, we saw just one starfish. Then, we saw whole bunches of them! A lot of them were clustered together and on top of each other as though there is strength in numbers for starfish too.