May Sixth

I was trying to come up with a theme for this month, something I could follow and maybe fall back on when my creativity grew thin.

At the start of the month though it was sunny and warm (80 degrees, what??) so my mind was a mush that couldn’t think of anything but sunshine and happiness.

Now though, we’re back in regular Western Washington weather and I’ve had an idea.

I’m going to focus on rain for the rest of the month. Rain, puddles, seedlings splattered with giant raindrops, worms inching across the sidewalk, and so on.

may six wm

This is my life now, I guess I better embrace it! ;)




June 19th, photo of the day: A hairy pod

I love the little hairs on these pods.

Hurray for hairy peapods!

Originally, I was led to believe that the little yellow flowers on these bushes were Heather, but in looking into it more deeply, it seems that information was incorrect.

A few weeks ago, all the bushes around here were going crazy with yellow blossoms, like this:
And now, the blossoms have all developed into the little pea-pods like the one above.

I found this helpful PDF that discusses plants in the Willamette Valley (which isn’t too far away) and came to the conclusion that this plant is in fact Scotch Broom, or Cytisus scoparius. 

So, yay! I learned something new today.

Today = Success

What did you learn today?
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